2019 Cherokee Lease - Am I getting a good deal? - First time leasing

Hi everyone,

First time leasing (using Honcker), picking up the car later today - is this a good deal?
I didn’t get all the info from the dealer as of right now (just the MSRP, sale value and RV), will update if I’m able to get more.

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0T

MSRP: 35565
Sale Price: 28590
36 months, 12k miles
MF: ???
RV: 59%

Monthly payment 336 (taxes, plates, etc rolled in)
336 Due at drive off (True zero down)
NY region

Less than 1% on a 2019. That’s good.

You can get a grand Cherokee for the same or less than that tho. FYI

Would it be a limited trim as well?

No, that’s base 2018 Laredo territory. Not comparable at all.

Good deal considering no haggle

I’d get another 1k off the sticker