2019 Cadillac XT5 Loaner Deal


New to this lease hacking business and this site but glad to have found it. I have been working with a Cadillac dealer in north jersey, the past two months on a deal for a 2019 XT5 loaner with about 3500 miles on it.

I have been reading the other similar topics and I don’t have all the numbers to break it down but I can give the numbers I have and was hoping someone here could tell me if it was a decent deal or not.

I currently have a Chevy equinox at $350mo/24 months coming up in October, so I’m looking to get out early.

Does Cadillac honor a Chevy pull ahead lease?

May 2019
XT5 loaner, 3500 miles, MSRP $49k
They were trying to get me at $489/mo including taxes rolled in, as well as the 6 payments on the Equinox. They were looking for $1000 at pick up, everything else included in the monthly. Total payments including $1000 up front was going to be $18,898 for 12k miles a year, which obviously didn’t include the original loaner miles.

Fast forward to July 2, my sales guy texts me and says they can do it at $429 a month.
$429mo/39 months including tax, 39k miles and $1000 at pickup. Total payments including the $1000 equals $17,731.

It doesn’t seem like much of a discount cause they got out of paying $700 for the two months of Equinox payments that I have paid since the original discussion.

Would going in firm at $400/mo plus the $1k up front, be a good deal or am I still leaving money on the table?

(I tried using the calculator but I don’t have all the numbers and wasn’t sure of the residual or money factor)

Thanks for any help!


Go find out all the numbers for the calculator before going any further. You want to be armed with all the info you can.

Get some quotes elsewhere for a new one as well. I believe Cadillac loaners need a very significant dealer discount to make sense.

As chrishs2000 said a while ago when he was looking for a Terrain if im not mistaken. That GM dealers are not like BMW dealers they don’t go deep on fart cars. This may not be that hackable i got a quote on new one earlier this year. And it was a new one but a joke almost $600 a month on 50K MSRP i just checked my zip not many rebates either on them.