Deal Review 2019 C43 AMG

yeah, it doesn’t stack with lease cash, so it’ll only take an extra $500 off or so. Still a few dollars a month savings which is nice. Is this a new car?

Looks like Sell Price + Maintenance + Total Add Caps

It is, 80 miles on the odo

The real question to me is…it’s 9 on the last day. Do you have this deal secured for tomorrow?

They ran my credit, still have to pay the deposit. They ran it through MBFS…

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Looks like a good deal for a new car then. Like @Bostoncarconcierge said, if you’ve got these numbers locked in, then go for it

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You know your stuff man! Always impressed with the knowledge bombs you’re dropping.


You’re the one with the insane deals brother! Most of my commentary is on vehicles which I considered leasing or helped others lease, so I just try to share my findings :slight_smile:

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It’s a huge asset to the forum! Your knowledge that is

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Calculator –

The sales manager came back and said that they calculated the residual wrong. They are going to talk to the finance manager tomorrow.

Agree this is a good deal for a 2019, especially including maintenance.

Numbers expire tonoght so no idea why they would tell u to come tomorrow… unless they met their monthly and really didnt need to honir the deal anymore.

Hopefully, the fact that they ran his credit means they will honor the deal tomorrow

And Residual for 12k miles is 58% for the c43 sedan

They probably didnt need the sale tonight. If numbers get better, they may offer him same deal to make more on their end.
OP, make sure u check new March numbers and get all infor before u go back in to sign

They said that the incentives have been locked in with MBFS, don’t know what that means though. Even if their numbers are wrong, can they update this lease ?

You are the source for the new incentives man. :slight_smile: They come out tomorrow right or on 2nd ?

Lol please rely on edmunds. But yes numbers expired today for Feb.

@mani_is_kool - do they actually need a deposit to seal the deal ? Or, if they ran my credit and the numbers went through MBFS e-verify and are in their system. Is that enough ?