2019 C300 LEASE MIAMI, FL AMG Line other extras

I’ll keep it nice and short.

Looking for 2019 C300 Lease with AMG Pkg / Night Pkg / Premium pkg. RWD 36/12 with acquisition fees only.

See below for my best offer in Miami. (other offers where in high $600 to mid $700). Any input is greatly appreciated.

Glad to see this is outside the Midwest. Terrible deal. Should definitely be sub $530 with no money down

I’d say press them closer to the end of the month, see if they have to meet their Q1 goals. If they haven’t hit it yet, you’ll see a pretty big discount from them

Haufinator, appreciate the input. I guess I can wait a bit.

Others have gotten insane deals, so I would definitely wait or try other dealers

I have tried like 10 dealers in SFLA, that was the lowest. I will try to wait and see what happens. I am looking to be in the $400’s or really no deal. By the way, by insane deals what do you mean, what numbers are you referring to?

That 4-matic deal you show is good but only has 7500 miles. I need more than that.


Even still that would be sub 1%, on a low optioned C300 that should easily be achievable. See if they will offer up an employee deal

AutoNation is offering (a little more than) 15% off on new C300s in Miami? Dang, the dealers up in Palm Beach County blew me off for trying to get 10%. I was looking to get about $500/month after 10 MSD and $0 down on a similarly-priced c300, but they said we were “thousands” apart.

I don’t understand why they have $2,688 in up front sales tax on a lease. That’s bogus.

Is the “Dealer Service Fee” the acquisition fee, or are they doubling up on that? If so not bad, the dealers were all quoting me $1095 for acquisition fee.

I also wonder what MF they’re quoting. I’m willing to pay 10 MSD but I balk at a big MF markup.

I don’t care for the AMG or Night package though, I consider them functionally useless. I’m also not a fan of the $1k sunroof and heated seats (in Florida?) that many of them have. It’s really aggravating seeing dealers add these kinds of options to their stock, but I assume plastic and lights are very profitable.

Says purchase option at the top of the sheet. Does not appear to be a lease. Also is the prepaid maintenance worth the cost?

Certainly not at that price. Prepaid maintenance for 30k miles is $1020 on mbusa.com. Even better if you have an actual lease, because maintenance is residualized on Mercedes leases. If your residual value is 60% you only really pay 40% of that. $400 for 3 maintenance appointments is darn good.