2019 BMW X6 lease

Is this a good deal car has 6,273 miles

If you search this forum, you will find other deals on the X6 with lower monthly payments and higher MSRP.
Example: Signed: 2019 BMW X6 X35i, 74k MSRP, $591/month, DAS $2800, 7 MSD

How does your deal compare based on discount off of MSRP and the incentives you qualify for?

That’s the thing I’ve never leased before and this is what I received today at the dealership

You need to do more research. First thing is to not get a demo with over 5k miles, unless the discount is humongous that it offsets the lower RV and disqualification of incentives.

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Thank you for that info

Hello guys need help/advice on this deal
2019 BMW X6 M sport
MSRP- $74,235
Sales price-$65,935
$5,550 lease credit
$750 loyalty
$660 a month, taxes and fees upfront totals $4315.71 DAS
Also car has a CARFAX report of left and right front damage