2019 BMW X6 lease

Is this a good deal car has 6,273 miles

If you search this forum, you will find other deals on the X6 with lower monthly payments and higher MSRP.
Example: Signed: 2019 BMW X6 X35i, 74k MSRP, $591/month, DAS $2800, 7 MSD

How does your deal compare based on discount off of MSRP and the incentives you qualify for?

That’s the thing I’ve never leased before and this is what I received today at the dealership

You need to do more research. First thing is to not get a demo with over 5k miles, unless the discount is humongous that it offsets the lower RV and disqualification of incentives.


Thank you for that info

Hello guys need help/advice on this deal
2019 BMW X6 M sport
MSRP- $74,235
Sales price-$65,935
$5,550 lease credit
$750 loyalty
$660 a month, taxes and fees upfront totals $4315.71 DAS
Also car has a CARFAX report of left and right front damage

You mind explaining what’s wrong with taking a demo with over 5k miles? Thanks

Read the BMW wiki.

You should be getting a much much bigger discount with carfax damage reported

I dont see it. I’m working on negotiating a 2019 x6 lease and need some advice on how to best navigate the negotiation. I dont know everything like people on this forum. I know the basics.

About 4k miles
Theyre asking $550 with $3k down

I didn’t lease the x6 with the CARFAX report as they were not willing to negotiate saying the vehicle will go to auction next month. So I’m still looking and trying to learn as much as possible also

for > 5k mileage car, you maybe lose $4,500 Lease Credit.