2019 BMW X5 - Seattle Area?


Hi, what is the MF, residual, and lease or loyalty credits (if any) for a 2019 BMW X5 base, 36 month, 10K/yr in or near 98134 (Seattle area).

Thanks in advance!

Looking for similar info MF and residual) on an X4: 36/10k. I’ve noticed that BMW has certainly gotten less generous over the ears with loyalty and corporate discounts. Now I’m told they no longer have a pull ahead program on current leases. Anyone see this differently? Thanks

MF (.00188 for all models) and RV are the same nationwide. Look at the huge BMW thread for that info.

You can check the lease cash in your zip on the bmw site, rule of thumb, the 24mo residuals are 6 points higher

Numbers aren’t good in general, especially due to the new body style. Likely looking at $750/month or more even for a low end one. No incentives or lease cash and single digit discounting from dealers.