2019 BMW X5 - Loaner - 3K miles


Hi all,

First time looking to lease a BMW, was looking for some advise on what is realistic target for the 2019 X5. This is the first deal quote I’ve received. I know there is probably room to move but would like some advice on realistic numbers. Thanks

The MF they mentioned was 0.00168


13% on an X5 demo is a good starting point. I would try to push to 16-17% with a realistic target of 15% - with base MF (0.00128). If they insist on marked up MF, I’d insist on a further selling price reduction to offset that. Your negotiations and interactions with dealers will show you if this is attainable in your region or not.

X5’s are leasing pretty terribly right now with the low incentives, so unfortunately there’s no escape from a (relatively) high monthly.

Thank you for this, do you think I should just hold off and wait for December to roll around? Maybe they will be more willing to negotiate to hit end of year targets?

It’s hard to say. If they’re not doing crazy incentives right now for the '19 it may not change much for December but that’s obviously conjecture.

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Great, this is my first time looking into BMW so this information is very helpful. Thanks.

I will probably push back and see if I can get a better deal if not, I’ll just wait it out. Not in a rush.

3 days left in the October…if you can hold off, you have all the power and no better time than now to make some aggressive offers to regional dealers and see if someone will bite. If not, maybe next month or in the following couple months the numbers will get better or someone will do the deal you want, but who knows.

All we can say is that you have an offer in hand that’s good, not great, and can probably be improved with some effort.

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So I got a new quote and even with 20% off, I think it’s too high. They must be marking something up because their monthly payment with zero down is close to $790. I don’t think there is enough information on this sales form to figure out what is being marked up but I would think the payment would be closer to high 600’s?


This is the third or fourth hyper aggressive deal on X5’s I’ve seen cone out of that dealer regarding sale price. Can you get a conquest incentive or no current auto?

Yup, I believe I can get the 750 conquest that isn’t currently shown. Assuming the MF and RV I got from edmunds, I was getting closer to 690 per month. So there definitely is some markup. I’m pushing for 25% discount which is tough but I know dealers are trying to push the 2019 off the lot and I’ve already received a few 20% discount offers. I feel like my timing is off and if the cars are still available by end of month or end of year, I’ll have a better chance at getting the discount I want.

Best of luck with 25%. I don’t know of any dealer blowing their brains out on a G05 X5 to that extent on anything but a repaired or checkered history car…

Yeah I figured it is probably not attainable and definitely have gotten the heisman from many dealers. Will keep trying!

Texas sales tax is why payment is so high. And almost no incentives. And I’m sure MF is max.

That’s probably the best you’re going to do IMO. You can spend some days shopping it and trying to beat them down on MF or get tax credits.


No tax credits available yet from FS so tax will have to be capitalized.


Well nevermind.

20% off an X5 is outstanding…I’d be very happy with that deal even at max MF. Assuming no BS cap costs


I finally got a dealership to be straight with me and the best offer I got was 620/month with 990 due at signing.

Msrp 66.8k
Discount -17k includes 750 conquest and 500 ole code (25% off)
Term 36/12
MF .00148 slightly marked up
This is in TX

I might end up passing, if someone wants this deal, there might be room to get slightly lower with MSDs.

Best near me has been 13.5-14.5% pre-loyalty. Brutally bad leasing on the X5 right now. Xc90 here I come. Sadly

It took me a while but they came in at 23.5% before incentives, if someone has loyalty, you can knock this down even more +MSD

Isn’t that what you wanted from the get go? A payment under $700? With Texas taxes this looks like an incredible deal.

Yes, its very close but unfortunately this deal took too long to come to this point and I closed on a Lexus RX for my wife, but I was considering leasing this for myself but just a little higher than what I wanted to make it work

50/50 this was Woodlands of Houston. Only dealer I’ve seen throwing X5’s at folks.

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