2019 BMW X5 Lease

Thanks for sharing the Bloomberg article
If I were a hedge fund manager I will use this forum to predict monthly sales of the carmakers.

Based on what I have seen BMW continues to lead in the space of SUV which are the more profitable for car makers

$950 -$1000 a month and I’m in a Cayenne, just my .02.

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I thought about the Cayenne, but I personally don’t like the look of it. I feel that the look of the new X5 is so much better.

To each his own, but I put the Cayenne in a tier above the Audi, Mercedes, & BMW trucks. I love what they did on the redesigned Cayenne. Taillights have the 911 look, imo.

I’m prob going to wind up with the X5 unless Mercedes has some silly loyalty offer at the end of the year, but if the Cayenne was hackable, it would be my top choice.

Thats the issue with the cayenne. If you build it out to be comparable to the x5 50i m sport or even to a similar msrp the lease is going to look much worse than even the not so great lease numbers on the x5.

The stock 50i does true 4.1 4.2 to 60 in a much more modern and luxurious environment and having DHP brings dynamics in line with the cayenne. Quick ECU remap <$1k brings the engine to about ~600 hp and immediately into caynne turbo S territory. Thats 3.7s in under 100k with almost a fully optioned msport…turbo s starts at 160k?

Hence at this point the sweetspot for price luxury and performance lies with BMW until they are surpassed by a competitor.

Best deal I have seen yet though due at signing is a bit high.

Too bad it is across the country for me :confused:

Hopefully August brings some incentives…otherwise will have to end up in a Jeep GC

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Here are the pics guys! I’m sorry it took so long but I got so busy this last month.

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M sport is beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Yes it is! I love driving the car… put 2k miles in one month hahaha I only wish I would’ve gotten the laser lights.

How are you doing with your search? Anything new?

I got a car 2 weeks ago

Effective $864 after CCA rebate and due at signing for $72k MSRP

I signed because it was the exact spec I would have bought if I custom ordered, only missing m-sport but I was willing to compromise.

I love the car, no regrets. This car was a custom order for someone else but they backed out.


Congrats man! That looks nice! How you like it? And I feel that as long as you are happy with the car it’s all that matters. I wanted the Cognac color but the dealer was giving me such a great deal with the black on black so I went for it.

I love it, everything about the car is perfect. I loved my S5 but with the X5 I feel like I own a car with seriously advanced technology. I am getting 22mpg on highway commute which is good enough for me. Cargo space is HUGE with seats all the way down which is a plus.

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The technology is great and the way it feels on the road it’s amazing. Do you have any issues with CarPlay? Assuming you have an iPhone… i have XS Max and it connects 65% of the time. I agree with how fuel efficient it is.

YES! It has issues with connecting via CarPlay a lot. I am planning to talk to the dealer about it.

I’ve read a lot of threads and people seem to be having issues with it and some ppl have taken it to the dealer but not luck… if you get it fixed let me know. I ended up connecting just Bluetooth without CarPlay and it connects perfectly.

No issues with CarPlay here for the one I had last week.

I will say this…Luxury seating package (Massage, Ventilation) has ruined me and I’m looking into the possibility of an X5 hack on a demo with that package as soon as tax credit season comes back in TX.

I had massage seats on the S5 and I didn’t use it/like it that much. For me, the must have package was drive assist PRO.

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I tried the ventilated seats but I felt it was more noise than the actual feature. I couldn’t justify the price to get it. You are lucky you didn’t have a problem with apple CarPlay because it is horrible with mine.