2019 BMW X4 xDrive30i

Hi Hackers,
What do you think of this offer? I appreciate your help.

Lease Term: 36months/15K per year
MF: .00177
Residual Value: 56%
MSRP: $53685.00
Discount off MSRP: $5030.00
Rebate: $1750.00
Sales tax rate included in monthly payment: 7.75%

Not sure. All I see is a string of code. Image may be corrupted or a syntax error.

Sorry, I think that should do it.

What’s the RV, money factor? Break down if DAS and the rebates?

36months/15K per year
MF: .00177
Residual Value: 56%
Discount off MSRP: $5030.00
Rebate: $1750.00
Sales Tax Rate: 7.75%

Is that really MSRP? The lease sheet says market value selling price. That could be anything.

I am fairly confident that it is the true MSRP. I have not seen the car in person. Thank you for pointing that out. Wording matters.

If they mark up the MSRP 3k then you don’t really have a 5k dealer discount.

I think it’s close to the numbers from the calculator:

Bear in mind if you max out your mileage allowance you’ll need to pay for the 40k service which will be several hundred $'s. That plus the disposition fee if you don’t buy/lease a BMW afterwards will be a chunk of money at the back end of the lease. Something to factor into your calculations.

That’s a great point. We are deciding between an X4 and an F-Pace. F-Pace comes with free maintenance up to 60K miles.

$53,685 is the MSRP.

I’m getting 10% off MSRP (before $2000 rebates) and MF of 0.00165 for the X4.

We signed a lease a week ago. Here are the numbers for the deal that Paul of Legends Auto Group negotiated for us.

2019 BMW X4 xDrive30i w/ M-Sport

**MSRP: $55,405
**Selling Price: $49,592.78
**Monthly Payment: $589 (including 7.75% OC tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $3500
**MSD: 0
**Incentives/Rebates: $2500 (not included in selling price)

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 15K
**MF: .00165
**Residual: 56%


Nice! I signed mine Saturday and was able to get 10% off MSRP (before rebates) and MF 0.00165.

I never even would’ve asked for this deal had it not been for the forum.


I know! Leasehackr is an invaluable resource. It’s completely changed my perception of car leasing.

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