2019 BMW X3 xDrive30i lease NC - What should I negotiate?


Looking to lease a 2019 BMW X3 xDrive30i in NC. Alpine White /Beige interior with Nav and Driving Assistance package. The MSRP for the vehicle I am looking at is: $48,235 What should be my target Purchase price be? What is considered a good Money Factor for a new BMW? Just trying to get an idea of what my goal for negotiables should be. Thanks.

Good luck in NC. I live in NC. The only dealer who used to give really good deals was Fayetteville, and the Sales Manager left. You will have to look outside NC if you want anything even decent.

They will give you something like $650-700 per month. For that same build a new can be had for around $495-$500/month if not better. Loaner should be better.

Thanks. Any thoughts on where to look? Particular state or dealer?

A new X3 discount tops out around 11-13% off MSRP. The money factor is 0.00165 unless that changed today. MSDs will lower that to 0.0013 assuming you put down the max (7). Run the numbers in the calc and use that as your baseline.

In NC get you best he will find is 6% off MSRP

You can start by looking on Edmunds Forums for the 2019 X3 model you are after to find out the current available incentives. On a new X3 you be able to manage at least 12% off msrp, this is before any incentives. I recall last month there was total available incentives of $3500 on the X3.

Also reach out to a few dealers outside NC, such as in NJ, you have to be willing to travel to sign in person but it could be worth it. Always do your negotiating over email and only go in to sign. You can also reach to brokers on this forum who have great deals, NYCLife is a good broker who may be able to help.

Hope this helps.

Also being from NC I would recommend Richmond and north towards DC, MD, Philly, NJ.

There are a lot of brokers working Philly north if you are willing to fly up and drive back or factor in the shipping cost.

Where in NC are you? Triangle, Triad, Charlotte?

Thanks. Very helpful insight.

I’m in Triangle

I live in Charlotte, and ended up buying a new X3 M40i from Leath in Raleigh. They were definitely willing to deal - check out my post from last week. Hendricks in Charlotte wasn’t budging.

Just under 16% off the MSRP of $68,420 if you ignore the door edge and tint add on by Leath. If you include that $698 cost added to the MSRP, exactly 16% off (including incentives).

Uggh. Hendrick’s in Charlotte. The Home of No Discount. I have had good luck in SC, GA and TX. Never NC for BMWs.

Never had luck with Leith or Hendrick for BMW. Leith Honda cut me a great deal
In 2014.

I would try Richmond and DC area dealers next. Easy drive up and back or super cheap $100-150 flight and drive back.

BMW dealers in triangle region of NC are terrible. They are living in their own world. Try BMW of Gwinnett place in GA. They used to give nice deals on both new and CPO cars.