2019 BMW X3 sDRIVE30i Loaner advice

I’m in my last month for a x3 diesel which was a loaner, and considering buying a 3 year old X5 or leasing a new X3 loaner. I got the below deal offered in SOCAL in end of June from internet sales. I’d rather pay less up front, but I know its a see-saw so it’s about getting sale price down or more rebates.

Curious if I’m missing any rebates (I don’t have them broken down below). Or maybe July has better promotions. Any advice welcomed. I shared the deal with another dealership int he area and he said he couldn’t touch it.

2019 BMW X3 Sdrive 30i LOANER
Convenience pk: / comfort access / keyless / pano / sirius xm
Driving Assist pk: Active blind spot / Lane departure warning
Total MSRP + dest fee= $45,945

Selling price: $40,585
Cash Down: $1900
Rebate: $4500
MF: 0.001650
RV: $27,107
Monthly Payment: $403.51 (including sales tax in CA at 9.5%)

Discount needs to be 50%+ larger, Aim for $36,500 SP before incentive.