2019 BMW X3 sDrive30 $0DAS $679/mo +tax

2019 BMW X3 sDrive30 with executive and driving assistant package

**MSRP: $52595
**Selling Price: $46305
**Monthly Payment: $679+tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $0

**Annual Mileage:12,000
**MF: Didn’t say
**Residual: $30,506

**Region: LA County
Am I getting a good deal here? First time leasing BMW.

I can help get you a better deal on a 2018 if you are open to it! PM me

Without knowing the breakdown, we really can’t help you. It looks like an overall 12% discount, which certainly is not bad for a first attempt, but we need more info on how you come to that discount.

It’s scary that an X3 can price at $52,000…
Anyways that monthly payment is way way way to high!! A good deal :rofl:

Without knowing the breakdown???

You can’t tell that’s a bad deal without the breakdown? I sure can! It’s a really bad deal!

Reread and try again. I said we can’t help without knowing the breakdown. I also never said it was a good deal, just that it wasn’t horrible for a first attempt from a BMW newb, most dealers aren’t just giving everyone who walks in 12% off a new X3.


Thanks for all the feedback!
@LeaseHero the wife wants the 2019 X3 with executive package. I’ve tried to convince her otherwise and possibly try a loaner. But alas, what the wife wants the wife gets.
I will try some more and report back with my (hopefully) better finding.

Sounds like you should trade in the wife :slightly_smiling_face:

It is not a good deal.

How many miles and is there excess wear and tear?