2019 BMW X3 sDrive 30i Xline Trim 36mo/10K - $379 1000DAS

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I turned in a lease on an 2018 X1 loaner that I was leasing for $346/mo, I put about 10k miles on it in 15 months which put it at 14,500 miles. When I turned it in I had negative equity on it of 4017.47 which the dealer rolled into my existing X3 lease. The only reason why I even considered turning in my X1 for an X3 is because they were able to get a total of 9200 in rebates which was more than enough to cover my negative equity in the X1. I had to play with the calculator a bit to get the correct monthly and DAS values due to turning in a car with negative equity. All in all, I think I walked away with a great deal.

2019 BMW X3 sDrive30i Xline

MSRP: $50,395.00
Selling Price: $43,155.36
Monthly Payment: $379.81
Cash Due at Signing: $1,000.00
MSD: 0
Incentives: $9,200

Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: $29,733.05 (59%)

Leasehackr Score:11.3 years

Great deal. You took an X3 down to 3 series money, which is hard considering how hot SUVs are nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a breakdown of the rebates?

Which dealership? So guessing it wouldve been cheaper without the negative equity?

Unfortunately u don’t have anything in my paperwork breaking it down, I remember my sales guy saying
$2,000 lease credit
$3,500 added from BMW NA(dealership had to ask for this money, took a few days)
The remaining $3,700 I’m not sure about, I can ask while I’m there today to pick up the tires from my X1, I don’t like run-flat tires.

This was an AutoNation dealership, north of the beltway in Houston, search that and it should come up. It might have been cheaper, they might not have been able to get approved for the $3,500 from BMW NA to get me out of my lease early. It would’ve been close since my negative equity was $4k, but because BMW NA was offering that money, the dealership really wanted to make a deal with me. I got the car for 14% off MSRP before rebates.

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I hate to be that guy but somthing isn’t adding up here. Even with 9k incentives minus the 4K negative equity your not getting that payment. I have been working on these now for months and you have to be at 20% off and below 38k to even get under 375 a month.

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Here’s my paperwork showing the numbers

Yea but the fact that there are unknown discounts is very weird. I believe you got the deal, is this afriends and family discount. A lot of people on here looking for the same vehicle are going to jump on this, just trying to make sense of the deal for the community.

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Houston? Maybe Tax credits applied …

No friend or family discount, I just used the same dealership I used to get the X1 last year.

They’re closed today, but when I stop by tomorrow I’ll see if they can replicate a similar deal

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Yea it’s a awesome deal good for you

Sounds like dealer asked for a little trade assistance here. Good work!

hi where is the $3500 credit coming from for BMW NA (can you please elaborate or send me a PM)? I’m in a similar siutation trying to get out of our current BMW lease with 6 months left.


The dealership asked BMW North America to contribute money to help persuade me to sign a new lease

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Would you mind to share the sales contact? I am from Houston too.

I’m not interested in the dealer contact, but I am very curious about this money from BMW NA. Never heard of this before.

We have a 2016 X1 wrapping up in 5 months - no one up this way has made an effort to get us into a new one like this.

Not gonna jump to any conclusions here (okay, maybe I will) but there might be some official trade assistance available for current X1 lessees if a dealer asks for it.