2019 BMW X3 Reasonable Discount


What is a reasonable discount off MSRP on an X3 SDrive 30i before applying any available discounts?

BMWUSA shows a lease credit of $2750.

Does anyone know the loyalty credit?

New? Loaner?

I knew I forgot something… new. Thanks. I have an offer on a loaner… and it’s not nearly as good as I thought it should be and I’d like to compare it to what I calculate as a reasonable offer on a new vehicle.

13% is a good target on new unless it’s been sitting a while. (4+mos)

17 and all the way up to 20% seem to be within the realm of possibility on loaners depending on mileage.

wow… I had no idea it was that much.

I got an offer today on a '19 X3 Xdrive30i with MSRP of ~$55K of $670 with $2K DAS for 36/10. The X3 has ~4500 miles on it.

13 is a little high IMO, on new. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible though, I suppose. At 11%, they’re all in, including holdback. If it’s been sitting on the lot for 9 months though, and they’re looking to get rid of it, that may be a different story.

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It is a little high sure but that’s why it’s a target. If we land on it great, If we land on 10-12 we can still feel good about it.

Loaners are more mileage and sticker dependent and if you’re after bottom dollar you need to target high or low MSRP examples as mid-end examples usually have no problem moving.

Let’s make it simple at 10% on a new vehicle. At an MSRP of $60K the discount before incentives is $54K. Then, I apply the incentives of $2750 and the Cap Cost is $51,250.
With a residual at 58% for 36/12 and a MF of .00165 and a tax rate of 7%, that’s a payment of $640.85/month.

Clearly the loaner deal is awful.

How loaded down do you have to option an sDrive to get it to 60K?

Work on a counteroffer for the loaner deal.

lol… good point. You’d be surprised. If you want all the driver assistance safety options, the car will likely come with most everything on it. This dealer has 3 nearly fully equipped on the lot along with the demo.

Seems like M40i territory to me…

I wouldn’t expect to get anything close to 10% discount on an M40… especially in FL.

It’s possible. I think some in fact posted a 11% deal on a M40i out of FL no less.

ok… I need a new CA. lol

M40i for $690 and $1100 DAS 36/10…custom

This deal is awful

No doubt about it. Not sure how or if to respond. This CA is a really nice guy and he’s just working within the limitations of the Sales Mgr or Ownership.

Counter with 20% of msrp + rebates. In NY on an M40i for June was a $2k lease credit and 1500 loyalty.

Message other dealers. It’s end of the 2019 cycle so they should be aggressive. The “nice dealers” are probably trying to rip you off. Negotiate by email and message multiple dealers to bid for your work and play them against each other.

Build a new build custom and get the bmw code online and send it to them or ask them for “similar on lot” vehicles.

good advice. thx.

Currently, the X3 has $2K lease credit and $750 loyalty in my zip code.

Here’s the latest quote on a New X3…

2019 BMW X3 Xdrive30i
(Numbers rounded slightly for privacy purposes)
MSRP: $60,500