2019 BMW X3 Loaner - South Florida


Good morning guys, first time poster but have been reading a little before hand. Looking into a 2019 BMW X3 loaner with 3925 miles and have just started talking with a sales person. I have attached the first deal sheet I received back, and I still think there’s more room. Any advice?

MSRP $44,445
Adjusted Price $35,445

Not sure what the “non tax fees” are? Looking at a zero down or only first payment due at signing if possible.

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Best if you put this into the Leasehackr calculator. At first glance, it looks really high - likely because the dealer has included incentives in the “total savings” line.

You need to separate MSRP discount from BMWFS incentives. Go to Edmunds and get the residual and MF for the vehicle. I am not familiar with the Florida market, so I’ll stop there.

Will do, thanks! I’ll research those values to have a better understanding.

Is ft lauderdale bmw?

I have seen better deals, don’t settle!! That was my mistake. I took the first slightly good deal I heard (and if its FT lauderdale, there is an even better chance its not a great deal.

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Yes these numbers seem high for a 35-40k car.

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Vista in Coconut Creek.

I have been shopping around lately and dealers, even in SFL will discount on the X3 loaners and demos very aggressively. There are a ton everywhere in Florida and most of them are 2019’s. Can just assume from what I have learned from some of the greats here that you should be looking for a 15~% discount before rebates.

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