2019 BMW X3 Lease Quote Evaluation?

This lease offer is in Southern California. I was hoping folks might be able to advise whether I am close on this or not please?

$47,195 - MSRP
$42,746 - Sales Price
$41,246 (after $1500 loyalty)
.00166 MF
59% Residual
$0 down
$2k = DAS
$474/mo + tax

You’re given around 10% off msrp including your loyalty… bad deal. Walk away

It’s 10% off before loyalty and 13% off after. Why is it a bad deal?

I think everyone here will have a different opinion on this, but honestly… dealers are businesses and they have to make money too.

I think if you’re in the double-digits of discount off MSRP, then you’re doing great. Will there be someone out there that has 20% or 30% off MSRP for whatever reason? Possibly. You may or may not be that person… but if you’re looking for a good discount, can afford the payments, and like the car enough and have enjoyed the experience at the dealership, why not pay 10 to 15% off of MSRP on a car? You’re still getting a reasonable discount, in my mind.

fake news… 10% on a new X3 is pretty good…

How does the DAS break down?

Not sure about the deal, but since you’re in SoCal, I would get a quote from @Samson at Pacific BMW - https://www.pacificbmw.com/ and see if he can beat this.

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