2019 bmw x2 m35i

Looking at a 2019 BMW X2 M35I loaner, listed at 45k, mileage is around 5k. 36/m, 10k miles, lease incentives should be 2250 and dealer contribution should be 1,242, according to BMW website. What should my monthly be realistically with 0 down and just delivery/fees. I try to use the calculator but want to make sure my numbers are the same as someone else before I try to negotiate since I am new here.

Why are you saying dealer contribution should be 1200? Are you looking at the lease specials on bmwusa.com? You can do a lot better than that. Look at what the brokers are offering for more concrete targets but figure 10-11% off new and 13-15% off a demo/loaner as a reasonable goal.


Thanks! The msrp was around 50k and they have it reduced as advertised for 45k, you think I should be able to negotiate on top of that? With them advertising that lower price? I think this is why the calculator was not working for me.

Yes… you can always get more. Not sure what the market for an X2 is but demo X1 and X3 are regularly -15% range. Shoot for 42-43k at most.

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Awesome, thank you!