2019 BMW X1 xDrive28i Lease

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Hey everyone, I am Sean and I am from Buffalo, NY! Thinking about leasing a BMW X1 xDrive28i and are trying to keep our lease payments $450 and below, or $500 and below at the very most.

We recently test drove the 2019 BMW X1 xDrive28i and liked it. They quoted us the following:

2019 BMW X1:

MSRP: $38,540.00
Selling Price: $37,540.00
Gov Fees: $220.00
Doc Fees: $75.00
Accessories: $700.00 (lease buyout)
Acquisition Fee: $925.00
Gross Capt. Cost: $39,174.99
Residual Value: $22,353.00
Rebate: $2,000.00
Cash Cap (down pymt): $3,000.00
Net Cap Cost: $36,807.17

EST. Monthly: $515.66
36 Months
12k miles/yr

Please help me find out whether this is a horrible deal or not and any tips on how I should approach them with an appeal for a better deal. Thank you!

3% discount before incentives is terrible. Shop another dealer.

They are the only dealer in town, Towne BMW…sadly. What would you recommend I do next? I have an appointment with them tomorrow.

Recommend you shop in another town. Seriously. That deal is terrible.

If you’re not willing to travel to find a deal, you’ll have to pay to play.

Put it this way, this is a pretty low equipped car based on the MSRP. People willing to travel are getting this car in the mid to upper 2s on an 18 loaner with a couple thousand miles on it. Problem will be finding one at this point. On a 19, they don’t have any real incentive to discount much since they are the only game in town.

I am willing to travel - Rochester BMW might have some deals. The dealer here said that all their service loaners were almost all signed for…but that doesn’t mean they are SIGNED for? Not sure. We are also looking at the Mercedes GLA 250 4matic. I am going to shop around for the BMW but is the GLA also a good option to look at?

I assume Rochester will only have 1 dealer as well, so you may run into a similar problem there. Might be able to pit both against each other a little.

To get the real deals, you need to go to an area with competition. I’m in Pittsburgh, and we have 4 dealers here, and the discounts are still pretty meager but better than Upstate. NYC, NJ, DC area and even Ohio I’ve seen much better than you’re seeing in Buffalo.

Okay - I’ll shop around some more. On another note, would you recommend another similar car to look at?

The GLA is going to be smaller than the x1. If looking at the GLA, cross shop the Infiniti QX30. It’s essentially the same thing with an Infiniti badge. You should be able to get that for less than the GLA.

Dont bother on the qx30. They’ve been like 600 a month recently.

Shop the X1 in the tri-state. I have a few 2018 new ones left…

Apparently I’ve not been following Infiniti very closely. Weren’t people getting these things for high 2s/low 3s at one point? Did programs plummet that much?

Yeah, and i’ve never done a single one…program speaks for itself

Yeah, never mind lol