2019 BMW M5 - Signed!

How did I do?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW M5 With Executive Package && Driver Assistance Plus
MSRP: $115400
Discounted Price: 92900
Monthly Payment: $ 880 pre tax (968 WA tax included)
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: No Idea
Residual: 68K
Incentives: 4500 (Rebate)


That looks to be a very nice deal!!
Enjoy the new car!

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Looks to be a good deal (if i’m assuming correctly ugghh $2500+ as registration :frowning: Seattle ) is a huge part of the 3500 drive off

Registration is separate :frowning: shipping from out of state.

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Great deal. Post pics if you can!

Will do in a couple of days, waiting for dealer to send me all the inspections pics to me before shipping.

Well done!

is this the white one from florida?

Very well done!

where did u find a 2019 ?

Good deal! Same here at Seattle, negotiating out of state deal too. Did you pay the shipping or dealership paid for it?

cargurus, cars.com, etc etc

this is a very good deal , congrats , and you will love the car

Congrats!! Great deal as well.

This is amazing. I have been trying to get a deal on a 2019 for months can’t get a deal under $1200 a month

Great deal! I’m in Seattle shopped out of state too. Best I got was doc fee and within 1% of MSRP including our ridiculous 10.1% and RTA tax…
We should meet up!

correct, I searched everywhere, sometime even go dealer by dealer, it takes dedication to find motivated dealer to sell at a discount

what color combo did you get, also did you get the competition?

paid 1k for shipping. I was okay with it.

also, they doing 30 dollar tab from march 27 I hope!!

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