2019 bmw m4 cs - msrp $115k - $960


2019 BMW M4 CS

Monthly Payment: $960.00

Down Payment: $0.00

Months Remaining: 28 Months

Exterior Color: San Marino Blue

Interior Color: Black

Current Miles: 6,000

Miles Allowed: 22,500

Miles Left Per Month: 590

MSRP: $115k

Clean Carfax

No Paintwork

Stunning BMW M4 CS. Perfect condition, No issues. Just serviced, oil change and brand new tires.

Located in Florida

Justin - (tel:561-699-5939)


Gorgeous car. That wing though…

Good luck with the swap.

That wing is a crime against humanity. In carbon fiber!


I like it if he tracks the car if not then he would be the same as every other honda and 4 banger teenage ricer out there.

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Have to imagine this sees track time. New tires at 6k!

lol :man_facepalming: imagine.

The spoiler is an option from BMW… So not sure if any of you know that. Didn’t add it on aftermarket.

Haven’t had time to track this car. Have other track cars at the moment

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I know, I think everybody is just poking fun at it because it’s a little much even on such a track focused car, seeing as most people don’t track their brand new 100k+ car.

Amazing rice rocket. Throw some random racing groups name on the top of the windshield and it will transfer in no time!

Beautiful car. Never seen a sticker on these so high without ceramic brakes!

thank God it doesn’t have those, they are expensive af to repair

On a <12 month lease dump, if OP didn’t really track it as they mentioned, should be ok lol. next owner’s problem. I was just shocked to see something this high without those. Mine was $113k and had them. I guess that cf spoiler was pricey AF.

Yea I have to find the window sticker, it was quite an expensive option. I actually haven’t tracked the car (can check the brakes lol). I think the highest window sticker I’ve seen was 125k and that had the ccb plus everything else.

I saw a $132k on the west coast! Lol.

that spoiler though! :thinking: