2019 BMW M4 convertible; 36 months; 30K miles


I am posting a new offer for a 2019 as the forum members have suggested…what say you?

MF: 0.00145
MSRP: $89,755
Discounts: $8,995
“Vehicle profit”: $500
“Sentinel Security”: $299
Net selling price: $81,423
RV: $51,160
Acquisition Fee: $925
Doc Fee $179.81
Total Cap cost: $81,422.63

Monthly lease payment $1033 with no deposit

**WTH are vehicle profit and Sentinel Security?? Just a way to add $800 to the total?

Thanks in advance!

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Don’t accept the adds (At least they’re honest about “dealer profit”) Discount is a little low depending on how long it’s had on the lot.

Just curious, but where are your incentives?

Isn’t 10 percent discount good on a m or Bc it will be redesigned should go for more?

Here is what they sent me!

…So the rebate is baked in to the “discount”

This deal is poison. Do. Not. Sign.


Yeah, I really dislike when a dealer buries leash cash, loyalty, etc. into their discount. It of course does contribute to the overall discount off of MSRP, but it is a little bit of subterfuge. The average person wont really notice or care however.

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Here is the offer to purchase the car…would one not expect the same discount on a lease?

A lease can have just as much or more overall discount as a purchase due to higher incentives.

I think you should talk to a broker, TBH.

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With that payment you can get an i8 at ~$150k MSRP…

Agreed. I’ve reached out to Raffay @ Bliss Motors

Better go for CS, easily to get 20+% off discount (got one with 22%, and still trying to get 23% LOL)

I think the purchase and lease discount is pretty much the same. About $4k off before incentives. Not a good discount at all. Keep looking.

have been trying for the past 10 days to find one myself in CA/OR/West coast,…to no avail yet…best quote has been 11% off MSRP + rebate, one broker was able to offer @ $889+tax W/3k DAS (MSRP $83875), 36/10k…newbie here so…if anyone has any broker recommendations pls feel free to share…Will Travel for M4 Convertible Deal…at this point…lol…thx

Agree on the i8 comment above, no brainer imo. Reach out to this guy about the i8, bet the numbers are very comparable to this @aronchi

Thanks but not interested in i8…already have an exotic. Looking for a DD


Bill Jacobs total savings include rebates and is only if you finance.

Sounds like he got ripped off.

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