2019 BMW I3 S Rex is this a good deal and need help with calculator

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I am in negotiation for a new 2019 BMW I3S Rex.

I received the attached offer and tried to enter numbers into the lease calculator, but my numbers are not matching. They honored the $10500 BMW loyalty and gave me an additional $1324. Do I read this correctly, and I have to pay $1324 at delivery and then 36 x $402? Is this including tax?
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Are u in NJ where there is no tax on i3? The Mf is marked up and should be .00128

Yes that means your out of pocket is $1324
You have to pay that at signing to get to a $402 payment

Don’t structure it this way if you are NJ

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no I am in GA

Pretty sure GA taxes ev cars and it looks like they didn’t bring back any state incentives

Technically your first payment is included in the $1325 down so would be 35 remaining payments of $402/month.

I guessed at some of the numbers but likely around what the below calculator shows. Buy rate MF and max MSD gets you to around $350 with same amount down. 11% off MSRP is what most broker deals have been on here in the past couple of months so decent offer.

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thanks everybody for the feedback.