2019 BMW i3 Extended Range / Effective $239 per month including tax / 23 Months Remaining / Transfer Fee Paid

2019 BMW i3 RANGE EXTENDER in LOS ANGELES/TEMECULA. $345 a month including tax. Will give $2,450 MSD with transfer if lease and pay $500 BF transfer fee. VIN#WBY8P4C56K720920

MSRP: $50,845
Monthly payment (including tax): $345
Effective payment (including tax): $239

Current mileage: 17k
Maturity mileage: 36,006
Effective miles per month: Approx 800
Maturity date: 9/2022

Incentive for new lessee (if any): $2,450 MSD given to new lessee

Financial institution: BMW FINANCE
Transfer fee:$500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): NO

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: Vehicle is in excellent condition, no blemishes. It’s my drive around town car that’s always garaged. Bought my husband a Tesla at the beginning of 2020, he was diagnosed with cancer and won’t be able to drive his car anymore so we don’t need the i3.


Effective miles per month is not correct.

You sure about that msrp?

$44,345 was the ‘agreed value’ when it was leased. Effective miles per month is 800, hence the incentive of $2,450 MSD. (my bad :blush: - thank you for pointing out the error)

Sorry to hear about your husband. Best wishes to your family.

I think you should list the actual miles per month left and then list the effective payment after your incentive. Your deal is actually much more attractive than currently listed.


Yes it is. List the msrp not agreed upon price. You’re currently underselling your deal. Your effective payment is around $240 which isn’t bad

Here’s a copy of the window sticker, I would so appreciate your help fine tuning the post.

Best wishes to your husband @Coble1212.

Yeah, this is a great deal considering the $2,450 in MSD given to the new lessee, and the $1,000 SCE rebate if the new lessee qualifies for it.

If the first payment for the new lessee is due October 2020, then there are 23 months remaining. Works out to an effective payment of $239/month including tax, or $195/month including tax with SCE rebate. Plus I’m guessing registration fee has just been paid.

I’ve updated your post and title accordingly.

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Best wishes for your husband.

If out of state transfer was allowed, i would have taken it in a heartbeat.

BMWFS does allow out of state transfers, so you will take it?

If BMWFS allows out of state transfers, i’ll take it.

Thank you Michael, I’m so grateful for the support of this community :slight_smile:

Registration fee was just paid…

@sunils I’ll confirm with BF today on the out of state transfer today…

Nothing to confirm, BMW allows it. Just will you allow it? Reg just paid only matters to someone in CA, not out of state

@sunils, I’ll totally allow it, with REX you could drive it anywhere and not have to worry about the range if you need to charge. Please PM me to connect with BF is serious about transfer.