2019 BMW I3 BEV, 46,495 MSRP, 134/Mo - 24/10


Was on the lookout for a commuter for my wife and wanted to

  1. come back to BMW (after returning my last one December 2018 and having a month to benefit from loyalty) and
  2. get an EV or Plug in Hybrid as our second car
    No OL code or additional state incentives (GA sucks for EV’s)
    Nothing else in the market came close (Bolt, Leaf etc…) and were happy to be able to drive a 46 k car for less than 150/Mo and get back to BMW. This was also a special factory build that was in transit with some options like ACC, adaptive lighting, at no extra charge. GA has very little inventory of I3’s so I was also happy with my discount.

2019 BMW I3, 120 BEV
MSRP: 46,495
Monthly Payment: $134
Drive-Off Amount: $2022+1050 (7xMSD) = 3072
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF (before MSD’s): .00128 raised to .00178 to waive Acquisition fee
Residual: 64%
Region: GA
Leasehackr Score:18.5
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Decent for less than $200/mo effective. Enjoy and be mindful of the stock tires, they like to peter out before 15K generally so you’ll likely burn through a set and have to replace.

Nice one! I wonder if there’s a way for dealers to look for these special builds in transit. If you were wondering, the U.S. tech package features are split into two separate packages in Europe. Since this doesn’t have the larger display, they can’t charge for it. It’s essentially a mis-build in your favor. I’ve seen one before and know of some users that got one.


I mean if you consider that its a 46 k BMW for that much its a no brainer. I can only imagine having some state rebates too!
It’s our second I3 first one we returned at 17k miles and I only had to replace the rear tires (20’ back then)

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Great Car! I have one left at my dealer for a screaming price and tempted to pick it up myself

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Your broker BMW’s but your screen name is Volvo. What’s up with that :slight_smile:

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I will give you a hint… I do both :grinning:

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Figured :slight_smile: we actually are leasing both and I wish I could get out of that XC60 I got last march. Having been exclusively with BMW since 11’ not very happy with the quality of these Volvo’s. (interior noises and seat problems, brake rotors changed at 2k miles and more…)

Wow. I have both as well and have only had great things with my Volvo. Both rode completely different, but cars are individuals and sometimes you get that black sheep of the family. Volvo doesn’t do lease transfers so you just have to buy your way out.

Incredible deal

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Great deal. Trying to source one of these in Colorado and having no luck whatsoever. We have a $1,500 lease tax credit which pumps up demand.

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Have you tried sourcing from other states? Shipping may be worth it. Was told 2019 production is done.

Yes, may go through a broker just haven’t wanted to deal with the shipping. I haven’t confirmed that I would still qualify for the tax credit although I assume I would based on registration.

We’re going through more or less the same thing here with the state opening up a limited amount of rebates for EV’s purchased or “purchased” on Owner’s Choice products. Not that they normally sell well in Texas but dealers are wise to it and have clamped down hard on just giving them away behind AVP.

If I may ask, I’m in Colorado and my i3 lease just ran out. Did you have any success in sourcing one? Cheers

I did not. Gave up. Little frustrating. Hoping I can source one this year.

How is it that these aren’t available anywhere yet I hardly ever see them driven in New York?