2019 BMW 740i x drive M sport lease take over

Hello fellow car enthusiasts-

I have a change in requirements for my vehicle as I need a 7 seater and am putting up my 2019 BMW 740 I x drive lease for take over.

MSRP $95,165
Total fees paid up front: $733 registration fee (Michigan), $860 first month payment, $740 (partly dealer/doc fees and partly small down payment to get to payment of 860 per month). Total: $2333.
Current miles: 4200
Total miles per year: 7500
Months remaining: 32
Monthly payment: $811.32 plus tax ($48.68 in Michigan)

Feel free to message for any questions, inquiries or offers.

Car is immaculate, garaged, looks, drives and smells brand new. Never smoked in. Has been my personal car and will be very sad to see it go. Will not disappoint.

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I’m sorry but this will be challenging here, especially compared to @CarandWatch ‘s posted 740. It looks like the same car, but considerably more, for fewer miles.

I think this post is going to take beating here.

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Not going to go into comparisons about other people’s posts and ofcourse everyone is entitled to their opinions. Some offers may indeed be better than others depending on various factors.

This is what my lease contract is, and these are my payments. My car wasn’t a demo or loaner. If someone is interested, feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy to talk. Cheers!


A lovely car. Best of luck with the transfer!


Based on previous posted data points for this car, this audience won’t likely bite. You should however check lease trading websites, they’re not as price sensitive.


Thank you! I will miss it when it’s gone as I’m sure you are missing yours. Cheers!

Beautiful car, GLWT.

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I’ll give them a try too!

I have the 750i with the same options as yours, it’s a nice car. I got the 17’s with the same price as yours but 15k miles a year. It’s a good family car and your payment is decent compare to others. But it will be tough here since alot of peeps here got it for $750 or less including tax. You’ll get someone, just post it everywhere. Someone will be interested, and you might be willing to eat up your DP as well if you need to let it go.

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Please post in your header what the miles per month, monthly and any fees you are looking to collect. If you are looking basically for the money you paid in drive offs back as shared in your deal while having used over half of the miles in year 1 already you will likely not move this car here.

About 572 miles a month or 6,800 annually remaining for duration of lease term (which will narrow the prospect pool)…
Nonetheless a gorgeous car. Good luck!

Thanks all for your valuable input, and cheers to the leasehackr family. Haven’t posted a lease take over before so first time. I’m happy to discuss total due up front etc if anyone’s interested just send me a message in inbox. I just posted everything to be upfront and honest about what I paid, that’s all.

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The etiquette here is to state upfront (title and OP) how much you’re asking for, if anything

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