2019 BMW 740i M-Sport - $92k MSRP - $763 + tax - $0 DAS

Hi everyone, I leased this 2019 BMW 740i Msport from Dave at BMW Murrieta back in May of this year (bmw_dave from this forum). Super awesome guy! The car has a sticker of $92k and change (last I checked).

The aftermarket wheels do NOT come with the car The OEM wheels/tires are in my garage, I will be putting the stock wheels and tires on (which have only 200 miles on them which is great for you!). I bought the wheels/tires so that I could drive my car without worrying about replacing the OEM tires before returning the car. If you want the wheels and tires, $2,500 for the set separately.

The car:
Mineral White with black leather. Comes with m-sport, contour seats and a few other goodies, I’ll update the monroney tomorrow morning.
I have 3,500 miles on it currently after 5 months which means you have almost 900 miles a month til the end of the lease. 26.5k miles left til 5/21.

There was no MSD’s and driveoffs so it’s a straight swap. Just the buyer has to cover the $500 lease transfer fee. I’ll update with more photos later. Car is located in Las Vegas, Nevada… 3 hours from LA.

Car is in PERFECT condition.

Payment: $765 + tax.
This is how the car will come!

Looks like this to save on the OEM tires.

PM me for more info/photos!


new photos up!

You’re an Oregon resident yet the car has Cali plates?

I have a home in California, so instead of shipping it to Oregon and then back to Vegas to avoid sales tax, I just ended up paying Sales tax and drove it over to Las Vegas where I currently live (which is a 3-4 hour drive)!

To the few people asking, the car comes with the STOCK wheels (from the 1st photo). The black wheels and tires are being sold separately :slight_smile: Probably going to refit the OEM wheels/tires here shortly.

I would be interested, but my budget is $650 max + tax.
I will take it over if you give me the incentives

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Sorry alamnp got already a few people wanting to initiate the transfer already. I’m not interested in incentives currently.

bumping the post :slight_smile:

Bump! (Buyer got denied unfortunately for lack of credit history!)

Bump. Hows it going?

Car is still available. Guy applied for finance and got denied :stuck_out_tongue:

bump for the week! :slight_smile:


Give me $2k and i’ll take it on.
No credit problems here. I promise a quick process.

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bump! Willing to pay transfer fee and half shipping!

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Bump. Need more garage space :smiley: