2019 BMW 740i $90,505 MSRP 10,000 Miles/Year ($799/Month Tax Included w/$5110 INCENTIVE, Phoenix, Arizona) NO MSD NO DAS

**Black Sapphire Metallic

Interior: Black Dakota Leather

Lease Date: April 22nd 2019

Term: 36 Months (30 Months Remaining) Lease Paid Through October 22,2019

**Miles at the time of lease: 2

Current Miles: 2,566. Total Allowed Miles: 30,002


I hate to get rid of this car, but it is necessary. The pre-incentive payment is $969.31 with AZ tax. With the $5110 incentive, the effective payment is $799. I know this isn’t the best deal, but for those looking in AZ, and with how tough are dealers here are, it may be worth it to someone looking to get in this car with $0 DAS.

This was a decent deal for AZ, and I understand that some out there (especially in CA) probably secured better deals, so if this doesn’t work for you that’s totally ok.

Includes BMW Ultimate Care +, which I believe is transferable, and covers brakes.

Feel free to message me directly for further questions.



M Sport Package

Multi-Contour Seats

20” M wheels

Clear Bra on Front of Car (Bumper, Leading Hood & 1/4 Panels, Mirrors)

Ceramic Tint (Front & Back)


not a bad deal at all!

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I hope you’re being sarcastic. lol


What a beauty!

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Beautiful car. I commend you for realizing your deal and offering an incentive. Good luck!

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I also don’t think ultimate care is transferable…would check on that

It’s Ultimate Care+, and every site I have searched and many BMW Dealers list it as transferable. I believe regular Ultimate Care (which is included when you purchase a BMW) is not transferable.

You are correct… “Purchase BMW Ultimate Care+ to add (for model year 2017 vehicles and newer):
:black_small_square: Replacement of specific wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, wiper blades and manual transmission clutch.
:black_small_square: Ultimate Care+ is transferable to a subsequent owner, should you sell your vehicle.”

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Solid deal. You could probably unload this on SAL with a lower incentive than you posted here. Very nice car!

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I’ve been trying but I have run into people who can’t qualify. It’s been a challenge. I’m at the point where I just want it gone.

Good looking car. I think I would take it but wanna chat some more on this. PM a number for us to talk.

Is this car still available? Would be interested with some more incentive.There will be no problem with qualification. Will need shipping to VA. (Will need to confirm tax law in VA to see if net numbers are amenable)