2019 BMW 540i x drive M sport Thanks leasehacker


Here is the deal I just drove away with

2019 BMW 540i X drive M Sport
NYS - Long Island
Msrp $ 72,085.00
Selling Price $ 67,760.00
36 months /15k miles
Monthly Payment $ 923.00 includes NYS sales tax 8.625%. $1,495 wheel and tires insurance, $ 640 Maintenance on wear items and $ 925 dealer bank fee. $ 595 painted lip spoiler.

M sport design
Premium package
19” 664m wheels with AS run flats
Dakota black leather with blue stitching
M piping on seats
Burl wood trim
Drivers Assistant Package
Lighting package
Parking Assistant package
MSport Brakes
Heated Steering wheel
WIFi Hot spot
Space saver spare tire kit

RV 57%
MF .00165 or 3.96 APR
3500 lease cash
2000 loyalty
Cash due at signing $ 1,720.00. Consists of first month, tax on incentives, dmv fee and Nys tire fee, tax on dmv fee and tax on tire fee. All weather mats front and back.

Buy out at end of lease is $41,088.00

Lease hacker score was 8.3 years but I had no way of adding the extras on so I’m not sure the score is very accurate.

A big thank you to Lease hacker because the dealer Had the 925 bank fee into the drive off. And I showed him it was already baked into the payment by showing him the leasehacker calculater. When he said that’s not what we go by. He went over all the numbers before additional items using his computer program and when he was done I got the $ 925 removed from the drive off number ! Thanks again everyone !

If you need any more info please ask and I’ll update it.

Yikes. 6% off?


This doesn’t seem too good at all. Yikes is right

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Was told that was invoice. And dealers don’t go into hold backs on ordered cars do they. Shopped 3 stores and this was the best overall deal I got.

What do you offer ?

All the listed extras were thrown into the payment.

I posted asking for quotes and nobody responded here other than to tell me to PM someone else specifically who never answered.

I didn’t realize it was an ordered car

6% is true
7% some will do to buy your service

Not sure if any will go deeper in your area

yikes… I do 11 on the orders

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Enjoy the car. BMW of Huntington I assume.

no it was not Huntington

I personally would have avoided the wheel and tire insurance and additional charge for maintenance items. That’s roughly $60/month right there.

Regardless, enjoy the car.

Not sure where your from but the roads here stink and I used it a lot on my last car with 20” rims. Also one brake job pay for all the maintenance so I went with it.


With negotiation I got below invoice with my incentives on an ordered car.

I guess with my incentives I’m below invoice as well.

I would look to do 300-500 over invoice then subtract incentives.

Nice car but not so nice of a deal. Next time post the details before signing on the dotted line.

Regardless enjoy!