2019 BMW 530i loaner lease-FL


Hey everyone, I been lurking around the forums for a month or so and thought I would try my hand at a deal. I am out of Pensacola, FL and this is for a 530i RWD. Should I go for a little more on this one? Thanks and appreciate the input

MSRP $61320

Dealer Discount -$11320 (18.46%)

Selling Price $50000

BMW FS Lease Cash -$1750

BMW CSP -$2000

Current mileage 4857, Residual for 36 mo/12,000 miles year $36178.80 (59%) minus mileage penalty -$1089.25 = $35089.55 residual

Money factory with approved credit .00137 – money factor after 7 multiple security deposits .00107

Due at signing $1200 plus $3500 MSDs =$4750 down

$450 mo

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Sign that SHEET!!
Actually, if the stars align, you may be able to get another 1-2% off but thats really gonna be pushing it. I think this is pretty good.

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More than 18% off MSRP with buy rate MF on a loaner is a keeper. Especially in FL where BMW deals are not always easy to get.

What does it cover?

Thanks for everyone’s input! The $1200 covers taxes, tags, and fees plus first months payment. Thought about trying to do $0 DAS and see what they will give me.

Why does it matter?

You can add 1200*1.1/36 for an estimate for 0 DAS

Just curious but also wanted make sure it was not for a down payment. I already recommended to the OP they should take the deal, IMO.

I apologize for not putting the full info for the money due at signing in the OP. From what I have gleaned from lurking around the forum, the deal seems pretty solid to me. I just sent in a last offer for $460/mo $0 DAS to see if they will bite. Thanks again for all the help

Did you end up getting the car? if yes, what was the final offer?