2019 BMW 530e Leave Evaluation

Hi all - I’m moving from NYC to SoCal so I’m looking at leasing an Plug-in Hybrid. Pricing out a 2019 530e from a SoCal dealer I got the following. Related question, when I plug the info into the Leashackr Calculator, I get different payment numbers than the quote - any ideas why?

BMW 2019 530e
MSRP: $60,765
Costco Price: $55,135
Rebates: $2,000 Loyalty Credit
Drive off: $2,600 (min. tax lic acq fees)
MF: 0.00188

36mo / 15K miles @ 58% Res = $665 + 9.5% tax = $728 (need 15K for commute)

Total Rebates: 2,500 (CA PHEV = $1,500, BMW CCA = $1,000)

Thats not a very good deal, less than 10% off. Aim for closer to 12 on a new vehicle. Or start looking for a loaner/demo vehicles.

Email some dealers, look at some inventory, you should be able to get in the $500’s with a loaner vehicle in CA. Or, use a broker.

Southern CA is a great BMW market

Still new to the lease game, so I appreciate any help. I have an update from the dealer - he said the $2,000 loyalty credit goes towards capital cost reduction. Does that mean the price goes from $55,### to $53,###? If so that represents a 13% decrease from MSRP. Is my thing correct?

Right, but you should be looking at a 10-12% discount off msrp (dealer discount) BEFORE incentives. What dealer are you working with? Whats the MF? Theres some crap dealers in southern CA and some good ones.

Read through the forum a bit, and possibly start working with a different dealer if thats the starting offer.

Take a look at the forums and see what other people have gotten for a 530e, take a look at what the selling prices are in the different threads.

Counter with $53,000 before incentives (before lease credit and loyalty credit). What mileage is the lease for?

Take a look at bimmerpost or on the bmw usa website for current incentives in your zip code.

Thanks for you input. All the specifics were in the original post, I knew to ask for them because of reading here. It’s a 2019 with a 36mo / 15K mile. Lease. The MF is 0.00188 and Residual on the 15K miles is 58% which seems standard based on the Bimmerpost 5 Series sticky.

Could it also be they aren’t trying to give me the best deal because I went the Costco route? I have emails out to other dealers, specifically one that has a 2018 on the lot which should generate a much better rate vs. a 2019 for essentially the same car.

Yeah I’d say negotiate yourself in CA, better than Costco or truecar

Look at previous deals on this site. I had a quote on a 60k car, 15k 2k drive off about 640 with tax on an 18 in December. I think you can get another 1-2k off. Good luck

I got a 530e in October with a 71k window sticker for $697/mo inc. tax 36/12k, and $2600 drive-off.