2019 BMW 530e Lease - Can I do any better?

Hi everyone,

First time posting here as I am looking to lease for the first time. My fiance loves the 530e with MSport & Premium Packages. I’ve went to multiple dealerships (not owned by the same company) to check pricing on all leases.

She will be driving roughly around 15-18K miles every year (commuter car, she is craving the HOV sticker here in NorCal).

The best offer we got seems as follows:

2019 BMW 530e
M-Sport Package
Premium Package
MSRP: $61,545
minus $6000 (seems like a CA hybrid disc.)
minus $2000 bmw incentive
Sale Price: $53,545
Zero Down
59% RV
0.00184 MF

Monthly Payment: $695
3 years, 12,000 miles lease

With additional miles, I thought it was $0.16 per mile but the finance manager told me to go to the BMW website to buy additional miles at a discount of 20% off of the $0.25 per mile at lease end. I thought there was a benefit on pre-purchasing the miles prior to lease end. Can someone help me verify this is the only route for additional miles?

After lurking and studying this forum for months, I just wanted to check if this is the best I can do out there?

I live in NorCal and have no problem heading to SoCal for better deals but it seems like all NorCal BMW dealerships hover around the same price quotes.

Any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

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Get a quote for 15k miles. See which one is leas money.