2019 BMW 440i xdrive coupe


Picked up a 2019 BMW 440i xdrive coupe for the below. It includes the M sport package.

MSRP (including destination charge): 59,595
Months: 36
Miles: 36k
DAS: $0
Monthly: 648.50 (includes 6.625% state tax)

How did I do?

Might want to have checked out some of the marketplace offers before you got it. But enjoy!

That one was an effective $422 with zero DAS and state tax included: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Thanks! Yeah, that’s a great deal, and the broker’s right where I’m located. I guess there’s always next time though, and I’ll be sure to check.

Had dealerships wanting $800 and $1,200 DAS on a Q60 red sport and $500 and $2,800 DAS on a 48k Guilia, so kind of jumped on this deal.

I’d say we all made that mistake once, whether a lease or finance, and it’s why we are here. :slight_smile:


Comically bad but you’re already in the boat so you might as well enjoy the ride.

Great car, not great deal. At least it is $0 DAS so it could have been worse. Enjoy the ride!

I made the mistake even when I knew better. Sucks when your wife wants a certain that just came out and there no incentives and the buy rate is garbage.

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Sad but these are the deals that make your better LH deals possible…

Really that bad? Non-loaner, non-demo car. Isn’t under 1% MSRP a year a decent deal? I’m at about that before taxes with and with 12k a year miles.

Depends on what model of car you are looking at. BMW is aggressively moving these cars, so these are going well below the 1% rule.

I think you had a positive attitude before… there is always next time!

Enjoy the car… at the end of the day, you are driving a BMW

Ahh, didn’t know they were trying to push these so aggressively.

But thanks, definitely a fun car, even if I didn’t get the best deal I could have.

I’ll definitely be sure to ask before jumping on another lease deal next time. :slight_smile:

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It sucks you had to find out like this…I see you joined about three weeks ago and am somewhat surprised you didn’t at least put a feeler out there to see how you could improve this deal… Would you mind posting the particulars to see where exactly your CA’s next mortgage payment is coming from?

I’d put it on swap a lease and work on a new deal, personally. But theres nothing more I hate than feeling ripped off.

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Really? OP already admitted they are enjoying the vehicle, and realized they didn’t get the best deal they could have…

No need to be a _ _ _ _


Oh oh oh…hangman!! Ok Volvo are there any d’s?? :thinking: