2019 bmw 430i gran coupe good deal? or wait for 2019 330i

Hi all,

I’m looking into buying 2019 bmw 430i gran coupe. Here’s what I got from the dealer on 36 months/ 10000 miles lease. MSRP $46990. 3500DAS + 460/month(including tax). Is this a good deal?

I am also interested in 2019 330i but the dealer is saying it will cost $200/month more than the deal above. If that’s true, I can’t afford 660/month for 330i. Should I wait for 2019 and see the actual lease deal?

Thank you!

Though $660 sounds high, I wouldn’t be surprised to see $500+ on 2019 330i because it’s a highly anticipated redesign

What I am seeing ~1% on a BMW is a good look nowadays.

I can’t get below $600 a month sign n drive on a 60k 340 loaner. So 1% sounds good based on the car

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4 series GC – hatchback, frameless windows, handling is decent. Beats the pants off the 2018 3 series but 19 we don’t know.

My 2016 seems dated so I didn’t opt for a new one. Went for a 19 S60 instead.

How do you like the S60? I have a 335i and am thinking of the S60.

So far so good. Tighter handling, better tech than my 428. T6 is faster than the BMW 4, though hits at higher revs. All the safety, nanny features. I don’t mind the Sensus nav. Even though it’s an AWD car you can feel that it’s a FWD bias though, which I don’t mind. I got R design and seats are incredible. I have only had it since Sat.

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Wow, that 3 series deal is so high. My husband is anticipating the release but he has a 535 M Package for only $600 a month with $0 Down. I don’t think he’s going to be too excited when I tell him haha.

thank you all for your input