2019 BMW 430i coupe Loaner deal

Hi All,
Can you rate this deal?
2019 BMW 430i coupe Loaner with 4181mi.

MF is high. He said he can do 0.00185 if credit is good which we are tier 1.

Dealer discount is 14.5%, you would ideally want a higher discount on a bmw loaner.

He’s still marking up the mf.

What MF should it be at?

Check edmunds but isn’t it .00165 this month.

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My deal in FL (if you do not know FL is one of the worst to lease with ripoff fees, dealers general attitude etc…)

  • $51k MSRP , loaner with less than 3k miles
  • $439 / month effective (~$460 x 23)
  • $0 DAS
  • 0 MSD
  • Mine marked up MF too would not budge, same with not willing to waive Acq fee and bump MF

Seems in CA there are much better deals to be had, I would not settle for this one.

thanks for everyone’s input