2019 BMW 330i xDrive Loaner - Good deal?



I received a quote from a dealer on a loaner with less than 3000 miles on it. MSRP is $49000. The final quote i am getting after a couple of going back and force is $425 with tax and fees paid upfront. (About $3600)

Is it a good deal to pull the trigger?

Brokers are doing better than this on new units 36/10 with upfronts+p1 DAS…

How about a lease sheet or breakdown? What are the terms? We need more info to get you the best advice! :slight_smile:

The term is 36/10. I don’t have the breakdown on the 3600, but I know it includes tax+fee+1st payment.

BTW, can you point me to a broker that can get me better deals? The features I am looking for are convenience package + heated seat + heated steering wheel. Thanks!

Going back and looking deeper I believe the MSRP were a little lower but the point is the discount on a loaner should just about swallow all the upfronts on a payment in that range.

Those broker ones were a few grand cheaper off MSRP…

This car includes the navigation which I don’t really need. I guess I should keep looking then.