2019 bmw 330i trying to go base as possible

2019 bmw 330i

Here is what I am seeing in southern California

For me im looking at
0 DAS / 12k miles / 36 months / no MSD
-Dont have loyalty

Deal 1
MSRP 45945
493 + tax

Deal 2
MSRP 44950
440 + tax

Deal 2
MSRP 44470
439 + tax

Yes I know:

  • what’s the selling price?
  • what’s the MF?
  • etc

They wont share it and it’s too much of a battle to get it until you commit.

What do you guys think?

Also I know there is a lot of debate about what the 1% rule means. But is the 1% rule before or after tax applied? How would I judge these deals based on that rule or in general?

Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

I think if a dealer won’t share those details, they won’t get my business. I guarantee you no one is hiding a good deal from you and not sharing the details.

And the 1% rule is nonsense. Just forget it exists.

For someone that’s been on here for so long, pretty disappointed that you haven’t learnt much.

With the limited info you provided, isn’t it obvious that the 1st Deal 2 is the best?


You wouldn’t judge it on the 1% rule. Unless you just got done realigning your chokras and getting some power crystal reiki done on your golden retriever.

Damn this myth to hell!


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I offered you that second deal and I’d gladly send you details on the calculator if you’d have asked me too.


But how about in general how would I judge a deal if it good or not?

Of course, but trying to understand in general as wel. how would you judge what a good deal is

A quick search will reveal that if you can get 11% discount and base MF on this model, you’re doing okay.


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But it’s too much work to get the selling price, so he just wants our advice on which number is lowest and if it meets the “1% rule”

Hang on, let me get my 6 year old for this one :man_facepalming:

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Good. My 4-year-old is tied up having books read to her :rofl:

Damn you guys brutal here… does this qualify for online bullying?

Lease hacker wasn’t this bad before.

Leasehackr, like Allah, helps those who help themselves.

This is not bullying. If you’ve been on the site for more than a few months, you would instantly think that more data was needed and nothing could be offered based on your data.

Def recommend continuing to work with a broker if this will be your approach.

Good luck, hope you find a 3er you enjoy for many months.


Why do people even bother with these when at these prices you can jump on the 530e bandwagon? What am I missing?

Never thought about the 530e. Thanks will look into this.

Also, not everyone craves an electric car thingy.

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So? It’s a phev not an ev…drive it on gas if that’s what you want. Same HP, same price after all rebates, better car…but if you have a problem with the plugin badge on it use some electrical tape to cover it.

You can put electrical tape on the badge but you can’t hide the extra 500 pounds. :grinning:


True…that makes the 530e 0.4 seconds slower on 0-60. If you have a really good watch maybe you can catch that.

There’s also the annoying wooden brake pedal feel, the weird stop-start crap, the extra weight . . .

I know someday ICE will be gone. Till then, the world can keep their golf carts on the golf course, for my money.

Of course, if you put $15.98 with my opinion, you’ll be able to score a Fireball at a trendy club.

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I kinda like the regen braking, honestly, just wish BMW would add a paddle to make it grab harder to save the mechanical brakes even more. :smiley:

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