2019 BMW 330i Lease Review


I was at the dealer over the weekend and got the following offers (new and loaner). I don’t think those are great deals. I not only like your opinion/advice but also would like to understand what am I doing incorrectly as numbers don’t match compared to leasehackr calculator.

  1. New

MSRP: $46,860
Discount: $4,509.19
Rebates: $2750 (Conquest, Lease, Grad)
Doc Fee : $85
Registration and Fees: $573
Upfront Tax: $397
Monthly 448.40
7 MSD – 2700 – shouldn’t this be more?
DAS 2400

  1. Loaner – mileage 2654
    MSRP: $46,545
    Discount: $6343
    Rebates: $2750 (Conquest, Lease, Grad)
    Doc Fee : $85
    Registration and Fees: $76 – this is not correct right?
    Upfront Tax: $405

Monthly 397

7 MSD – 2800

DAS 2400

Don’t even bother trying to figure out their calcs…the discounts on those cars (9.6% and 13.6% respectively ) should be easily beat in SoCal.

My 330i has a is about a grand cheaper MSRP but I’m paying $425/mo after tax, paid $3150 MSDs and $1k due at signing to cover 1st mo and DMV, I worked with @legendsauto from this board FYI.

Thanks for the feedback.
What packages/options did you get and how do you like it? Would you have done differently from packages/options perspective now you have used it for a while?
I am leaning more towards a loaner to get a better pricing and most likely will end up working with a broker noted above as already contacted them.

My car came with:
Live cockpit, prof nav, convenience package, heated front seats, driver assistance etc.

I absolutely love this car and I pretty much use every option it came with very frequently, the only thing I truly wish it had was a heated steering wheel, but I don’t see a lot of these equipped with these. Safety features are great, screens are beautiful, etc.

I miss having a power rear trunk (though this still opens with a kick, which i use all the time) and ambient lighting but not enough to pay significantly more for either.

I’m guessing your MSRP must have like…metallic paint (totally not worth it IMO, i vastly prefer jet black to black sapphire for example) or something.

The kick trunk wasn’t a separate option. That comes with the convenience package. The power close is what’s a separate option.

All the cars have CarPlay standard. FYI- I almost never use CarPlay- idrive7 has rendered it near useless.

I haven’t seen many of these cars with Premium… most of them seemed to have the build I have. I think premium is excessive on this car- you have the big screen in the middle, the digital cockpit with nav there… don’t need it on a heads up display too.


I am thinking those options as well. Convenience package and Live cockpit as a must. Driver assistance regular or pro. Heated steering wheel - not sure how often that would be useful in SoCal :slight_smile:
Is Apple Car Play really a standard option on all? I thought it was tied to a package or option too.
Aiming for Black ext with lighter interior as far as colors go.

It seems that Convenience + Live Cockpit Pro is the most popular dealer build.
You are correct CarPlay compatibility with 1st year free trial comes with either Premium or Live Cockpit Pro. I don’t think it is standard.


I am looking for Parking Assistance Package which is even rarer to find. I’m just really interested in the 3D remote view. Still debating if I need Premium or just Live Cockpit Pro. The only thing I care is HUD and it seems nice when I test drove but not sure if it is really that necessary.

I probably won’t renew Carplay after the year trial tbh, which shocks me considering it was a “must have” for me. IDrive really is that good.

Hands free trunk opening but not closing is annoying for whatever reason, I’ve found that my hands tend to be full more when I’m opening the trunk vs closing anyway.

The lack of any ambient lighting in the car is kind of a bummer tbh, don’t even need all those colors but again… not enough to make me want to pay more for it.

Parking assistance sucks- I had it in my X1 and tried to use it once, it flopped, never again. Parking Distance Control is GREAT though- the bmw parking sensors are so much better than other ones I’ve seen.

Yeah I’m not intended to use the actual parking assistance if I get the package. I’m mostly intrigued by the extra cameras that come with it. So you can peek front/sideways when needed. And remote 3D view sounds cool, but seems to have a lot of connection issues.

BMW connected app really sucks connectivity wise- wouldn’t pay too much for anything that hinges on it.

I do wish the car had 360 top down sensing but so far the parking sensors have not let me down- the way the side mirror tilts down low also really helps with parking.

Definitely good discussion :slight_smile: I would still like to know what I am doing wrong with calculator unless they are just marking up the MF which I think is the case.

Picked up our 330i yesterday. Super excited.
Special thanks to Leasehackr community and Alin Elite Auto group for making this deal happen.

MSRP 45,995
Sale price 39,500
Rebates 3250 (conquest, grad, lease, 500 don’t know it was)
Last minute OL code - $500 (lowered the down)
Drive off 800
MSD 2800
Payments with tax 385.52
LH score 10.4+ - hard to put the $500 less down.


That’s a great deal! Congrats!

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I should apply for CCA rebate right?

I would apply for CCA, its not a ton of money but there are probably other benefits as well.

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14%? Sheesh. That’s awesome. We are car twins if not payment twins :wink: enjoy!

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That is awesome…

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