2019 Bmw 330i lease OK

Hi hackrs got this offer today in Oklahoma wonder how good it is have not signed yet.

Think you should crop out the top portion since it shows your personal information.

Thanks! Didn’t notice that

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4780 down with 435 a month? feel like the selling price is fine but why is the monthly so high? MF must be wild no?

Not sure yet I’ve asked them what number they used but haven’t got back to me yet they just sent me this about 20 min ago.

Um. Eww, No.

I really hate it when dealers try to include rebate as discount. Get an actual selling price before rebate to rate this properly.

They gave me a 4k rebate and 2k off after that. I agree the 2k is too low how much is realistic to push for on the dealer discount?

Check out the broker deals on here and what other people have signed 3ers for. You will get a better sense of the market.

Money factor on these starts out at .00165 right? Just heard back from dealer that they started with .00185

0.00145 for July. 0.00165 was May and June.

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I could get you better than that If you were willing to do deal in DFW…Way better.

How mich better are we talking I work in DFW and am actually here today