2019 BMW 3 Series Lease Buyout

I leased 2019 BMW 330I in Feb 2020. I have done till now only 11000 miles on my car, as I was not able to drive the car much due to Covid. Now my lease is ending on Feb 22. It was a two year lease term.

As there are low miles on car, I am thinking of buying out the car. My buying out value is approx $31000. Should I go ahead with it? Is it a good deal? Can I negotiate on the same?

Also, I have a chip on my windshield. Will it create any problem? As dealership will buy the car from BMW and sell back to me, will they replace windshield before selling back to me?

I am new here, don’t know much about the processes, so I will really appreciate everyone’s help.


The buy out is non negotiable

Thanks. Is it a good buyout deal, considering chip crunch going on?

I’d start by comparing its market value against the buy out price to seen what its worth

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Yeah I have seen that and it seems to be great deal. Same model with mileage goes around for $38000.

Any idea about windshield chip thing? Its less then quarter inch. Will they replace it before selling it to me?

The dealer isn’t selling it to you… you are exercising your option to purchase the car from BMW financial. Up to you if you want to get it fixed but likely can be addressed without getting a new windshield if it’s as small as you are saying.

Dont get a dealer involved as they will make it complex or try to get some money out of you when you only have to work with BMWF.

Thanks. I want to get it financed, so I can directly call them and get it financed, right?

If some credit union is giving me better rate, how can I get it financed then through credit union?

Sorry I am pretty new to this, so asking basic questions

Yes, you can finance the buyout vs BMW or a credit union.

Go online, and apply? Some Credit Unions need you to go in but their website tells you those things.

Go to your online portal, and get a payoff statement from BMWFS. It will have clear directions and you can fund the purchase however you choose. Do not need to involve any dealer. This will be between you and BMWFS. You are basically exercising your right to purchase the car as-is, and no one is fixing anything.

I’ve had friends who have negotiated buy out in the past, but doubt that’s the case in todays market

Singh: Hi BMW I would like to Negotiate the buyout.
BMW : Ok well we will give you market rate , how about that.
Singh: Great
BMW : We will send you a new payoff letter.

Payoff letter arrives and the buyout price goes UP 30%.

That’s that market today. Used cars are way up.

In your payoff letter and in your online portal, BMWFS clearly states they will not negotiate the buyout amount.

In the last 2+ years, if anyone received a reduced buyout amount, it came unsolicited and typically 3+ months before lease end (probably for heavily underwater vehicles). Since then, no one has reported any success getting any reduction and as everyone knows, there’s no need to negotiate on their part.

Either BMWFS reduced the buyout price which they’d be stupid to do now, or

Your friend negotiated with a dealer to buy the car from BMWFS and resell it to them below RV, a practice which BMW fines dealers for now.

If your glass is chipped call your insurance company. If you have glass coverage (which you should add if you don’t) you can get a free fill or replacement. I am waiting on OEM glass because I just replaced my X5 windshield and the safelite glass or installation didn’t fit correctly, so they need to do it again.