2019 BMW 3 Series G20 hitting the lots, impressions? Pricing?

Started to see the new 3 hit the lots in GA with some already offered on dealer’s websites. Anyone had the chance to test drive yet? Offers?
I must admit, this car looks really good inside and out.

Got one of these G20 as a loaner car this weekend.

  • Extra torque from the 2.0 turbo is really good and makes it very livable around 2000 rpm
  • Handling (non-M sport) is really good already. Thanks to the 50% stiffer chassis than outgoing F30 chassis.
  • Interior looks amazing but the buttons feel like something found on a Sonata
  • Windshield sprayer are integrated on the wiper arm. No more splashing the guy behind you
  • Rear legroom is improved
  • Optional Space-saver spare tire. (eats trunk space)
  • Fake Engine Noise system in Sport Mode. (love it or hate it)

Overall the sport sedan is back but built at a cost.

The integrated washer wiper thing cracks me up, GM had that like 20 years ago, lol!


it’s about time German offer a clean setup and not create more road rage here in LA

I auto crossed one yesterday at the Meadowlands BMW Drive event. A 330i RWD with M Sport and Track Handling Package in Portomao (sp?) Blue. The color was gorgeous.

Felt very fast and light on its feet compared to the F90. Leg room is very much improved. Tech was also improved with new digital dash etc. the one I drove handled great but then again it had the track package with the $$$ 19” Michelin Pilot Sports.

Also have one as a loaner here w M package.

If I can hack it 21mo from now, i think it might be my next BMW. Even better if it was a 340!

Manufacturers are smart and show their cars off with good tires. People forget that tires are probably more important than anything other than the engine in determining performance. At the end of my old civics life I got some pirelli summer tires from a friend who bought them and then had transmission failure in his civic. Amazing how noticeable the difference was even in the little 140hp car. I’d buy used tires for lease turn in but if anyone in my family was gonna drive the car for more than a few weeks I’m buying good tires at Costco.

Interested to see how improved leg room feels too. C&D’s testing doesn’t indicate much improvement but leg room is always a bit tough to measure.