2019 BMW 230i xDrive Convertible - Lease Feedback

MSRP: 49,685
Sale Price: 44,060
I don’t believe there are any incentives currently. Also, first time BMW customer - any incentives available?
Residual: 26,333 (53%)
MF: 0.00182

New York City

Monthly Payment: $715 tax and bank fee incl
DAS: First Month & DMV

I understand paying $700 on a 50k car is atrocious, but friend really wants this particular car. Do you guys think we can do better, considering BMW’s lease program on 2 series?

Buy a cpo instead

Absolutely awful. Wouldn’t be much more to purchase it. I am not totally up on 2 series leases, but the 4 series cabrio is likely cheaper.

Really would not recommend it, 72 month loan would be cheaper at that price.

EDIT: Just purchase a slightly used 240i, awesome car and worth the price.

Echoing what’s been said already, that’s beyond atrocious. BMW’s CPO warranty kind of sucks now, but if an awd 2 series convertible is a must, used is the way to do it. The only difference between them from 2015 (when they were called 228) to 2019 is some features became standard instead of options (better headlights and backup cam I believe).

Not related to the costs, why 2 series convertible xdrive? The added weight of the convertible top and the awd system starts to really become noticeable on the 230, in my opinion.

The 2018 has a $2500 lease credit. Do you absolutely need a 2019? There is also a $500 rebate if you join BMWCCA:


The low residual is really killing the 2 series leases, especially the M2, they are not good for leasing overall. I’d consider buying or a CPO.

Thanks for the input everyone. Friend is dead set on the vehicle.

2018 inventory is pretty dry around my area. We understand the leasing program sucks for 2 series in general, but currently at 13% off MSRP - Do you think there is room for more?

If it’s a new vehicle, probably not much room for more. Make sure to tell him we said thanks for subsidizing our cheap leases

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I think the only thing that might help this deal a bit is signing up for multi year BMW CCA for the rebate and hoping for a bit of equity and selling it to Carvana or Vroom near the end of the term. Still blown away at that payment. It is not even a 240i…

Found a loaner with 4K miles on it. Price right now is about 19% off MSRP. I’m not sure if the 2500 incentive has been applied into the discount. What do y’all think?

Also normally, residual is 52% on a standard 36/10. How do I calculate residual on this vehicle that already has 4K on it? Thanks!

As the current owner of a 2017 230i xDrive coupe, I can credibly comment on two things

(a) the 2 series is an absolutely wonderful and fun car that brings out the best of old and new BMWs. I’ve owned 8 BMWs - including far more expensive ones and this ranks near the best.

(b) please shop around - explore shipping the car from another region (including convertible friendly Florida). You can do so much better than the numbers you are receiving.

I leased my CPO BMW in December 2017 for 24M, 10K annual miles, $311 monthly (including NC tax). Only put down 1st month payment. No trade. I purchased remote and paid ~$400 to have the vehicle shipped.

Mine is a heavily optioned 230i xDrive coupe with m-sport, navigation, premium, cold weather, leather, automatic, etc. Car had less than 5K miles. I purchased from a well known dealer who posted on Leaseackr. The dealer was creative and there were absolutely no surprises with the deal or car when received.

Given the low volume on the 2 series, I also suggest taking a look @ Swapalease to get a general range on what people are paying on 2 series.

Hope this helps and best of luck getting the right deal on a 2.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestion. I found a 2018 loaner/demo with 5005 miles.

MSRP 48k
Sale Price about 17.5% off.
BMW “override” the 5 miles over 5000 and allowed the lease program and normal residual.
At $580/month with nothing down. Wanted to push for at least 2% more, but dealer is not willing. Overall, I think a way better deal than the original OP. Sucks that the lease program for 2 series is so bad.