2019 audi sq5 premium plus (phoenix, az)

Talking with dealer, got this offer. Not finding car configured as I want, so this would be an order.

I noted there are many posts here claiming getting into similar msrp but with like 10-15% off and ~$650/mo.

How? I’d like to negotiate for 10-15% off. Is this just a bad offer I got? Is it because an order doesn’t get as much discount?

2019 Audi sq5 premium plus
Msrp: $62,290
Price: $57,306 (6% off msrp)
Residual: 60%
Money Factor: .00166 + .0005 markup = 0.00216
miles: 10k/yr
Zip: 85050
Down: $0
First month, title/Reg, etc paid upfront.

Monthly, pre tax: $758.20
Monthly, post tax: $821.13

10-15% are in competitive markets and also on MY 2018, not 2019.

is 6% competitive for 2019 on an order in phoenix?

im aware they are marking up MF which is separate issue.

You’re close to So Cal, definitely worth a couple hour drive if you can add another 4-6% off considering the fact that you have a higher chance of finding a car with the packages you want in So Cal and don’t have to custom order

Just for reference, if you are inclined to shop SoCal, there are (17) 2018 SQ5s within 200 miles of Irvine, according to Autotrader.