2019 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus/ 63k MSRP/ $2400 DAS+MSDs/ 579+tax with Loyalty

2019 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus Black optics package, 21" Rims and Nappa leather.

2019 Audi SQ5 premium plus
MSRP: $63,000
Monthly Payment: $579+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2400
Annual Mileage:10
MF:0.00136 (0.00086 with MSDs
Residual: 58%

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what would this cost with 15k miles?

$50 more on the monthly with 15k miles

and what is the msd amount? Also I am in arizona but can pick up in california if that works

Shouldn’t be a problem, MSDs depending on your tax bracket, ~$7k

Sounds good, going to take my wife to see one of these this weekend to see if its big enough. Will get in touch asap.

What is the selling price and cap cost? Also what would the payment be at 7500 miles per year? Thanks!

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This looks like about 10-12% off depending on what is in the DAS. I’m interested in the details here as well. Drove one last week, great car.

Selling price: $57,180
Rebates (taxable): $1250 lease credit+ $1500 Loyalty
at 7500miles monthly payment goes to $563+tax
DAS are registration, acq fee, taxes on rebates and first month.

Close, 9.25% off. Wasn’t last month $2250 cash on this car? But it looks like they dropped the MF a lot making this much more leasable. Do you have any black or gray SQ5s P+ with 21” rims? Sticker is about $65k on these. Looking to lease one with minimal drive offs for < $600 in the Midwest.

programs differ from state to state. unfortunately we don’t do deals in the Midwest.

Any issue with flying in and driving it back? Or what if I have a CA address as well?