2019 Audi S5 Sportback: $63,365 MSRP | $623/Mo +tax | $2600 DAS + MSDs

2019 Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus

**MSRP: $63,365
**Selling Price: $56,662
**Monthly Payment: $623+tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $2,600 (1st Month, Registration, Acquisition, Taxes)
**MSD: $6,300 (9 MSD’s)
**Incentives: $2,500 ($1000 Lease Cash, $750 Loyalty, $750 Loyalty Enhancement)
**Annual Mileage:12,000
**MF: .00190

**Region: So Cal

Got a sweet deal from Guan at Audi of Santa Monica, it was a pleasure to work with him and it would be a mistake not to contact him if you want anAudi! I left him a review yesterday and had many PM’s last night inquiring what my deal was, so here you go! Hope this helps the community as you all have been awesome and truly helped me save some significant money!


This is a pretty hot deal. Never seen an S5 Sportback for under 700 a month effective payment.

Decent deal. Looking to get one myself. How much did the MSDs bring down the payment?

What is the additional 750 loyalty enhancement?

And you still haven’t. This is effectively over $750/mo.

Did not notice the +tax portion since taxes was listed as part of the DAS.

750 all in is still not terrible for the S5 Sportback. Not as great, though.

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Please educate a girl - How is it over $750/mo?

$623 + 8.5% tax = $675/mo. What else should be factored in? Thank you.

i’m curious on that as well. could be just be a dealer specific rebate/loss

the $750/mo is with the DAS amount rolled in

Got it, thank you!

FYI All Audi Dealerships should offer the Audi Loyalty Enhancement rebate, but it ended on 4/1, but easily might have been renewed, here’s the fine print:

Audi Loyalty Enhancement Program
Audi of America is pleased to announce a loyalty enhancement for returning customers. Through April 1, 2019, customers returning from specified models will qualify for an additional incentive.

Returning Model Eligible Model Incentive Amount
2009+ A8 | S8 2019 A8 $3250
2009+ A6 2.0T 2019 All
(Excl. R & RS) $2250
2009+ A6 3.0T | S6 2019 A6 $2250
2009+ A7 | S7 | RS7 2019 A7 $2250
2009+ A3|S3; A4|S4;
Q3; Q5; allroad 2019 All
(Excl. R & RS) $750

This program is compatible with the following programs: Audi Owner Loyalty Program, AFS Bonus Cash, AFS Lease Cash, Loyalty Pull-Ahead, Customer Cash Program, Dealership Employee Purchase Program (DEPP), Contract Employee Purchase Program (CEPP) and Audi Financial Services (AFS) Special and Standard rate programs.

This program is NOT compatible with the following programs: Dealer Small Fleet Incentive (DSFI), Courtesy Vehicle Program (CV), Preferred Customer Benefit Program & VIP Program (VIP).

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It brought down the payment $46/mo

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Thank you.

@AudiGuan is the man for Audis in SoCal it seems. Congrats.

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@PNW - I’m looking at the same car 36 mo / 12k + black optic + s sport + bang & olufsson + carbon atlas inlays + audi beam rings … every dealer I spoke with said the RV is 58% and is set by bank. Are you sure yours was 60%??