2019 audi RS5 sportback lease quote

Seeing if this quote on a 2019 RS5 sportback is reasonable.

MSRP - $81470.00. $5k down, 39months/12kmileage for $1121 a month taxes and fees included.

nardo grey, black optics package, nappa leather package, dynamic package

audi west covina ca

Check @AudiGuan he might beat that numbers but that’s an amazing car

Yikes. That is effectively a $1,300/month payment, and you’re paying nearly $51,000 for an $80,000 car. Is the residual only 45% or is the MF really high?

all i know is RS cars lease like ****

you might be better off buying one

also someone at my work has one and I’m jealous


Both lol. About a 0.002XX MF + ~52% residual + minimal discount + no incentives = poop lease deal

Still a very nice car though!

@Azure I’m jealous too if I see one. My brother in law is driving the RS3 and bragging that he got it for $500. I just laugh. I call it dream on for that price. I won’t be surprise he’s paying almost double of that.

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Dudes full of garbage lol

Ask him to show you the contract, he wont!

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@Warbeast tell me about it. Ofcourse I won’t ask but this dude is claiming the car is not driveable due to the 12V battery. I guess he signed up for the 2.5k miles lease. Lol. The lesson here is, Audi RS vehicles are definitely an expensive vehicle to lease or even own. If ever I have one, I make sure I can afford it and enjoy it. @mikec1183 definitely this car is super nice. Check with our Audi guru if the numbers are right since most commoners here won’t touch this vehicle. And again, Nice ride.

You must really love Audi. You can get an M5 for that payment which is better than an RS5 in every aspect.

You can also consider M4 CS. Unfortunately RWD cars are slowly disappearing and it’s a good time to enjoy them.

Really, an M5 in that price range? The lease number I see in VA are like $1,500

You can get a three year old RS7 for around 60K finance it with nothing down and it will cost you less per month.

550 HP twin turbo V8 that car is so fun to drive.

You could get a payment down to 0 per month. Just have to put up 30k up front!

hahaha @Supakimchee ain’t that right.

All the RS cars lease horribly even though they hold their value decently. I would definitely finance it. Even if you decide to sell in 3 years, I still think you’ll end up paying less.


There were people getting $12xx payments in May for the base M5 but the number are worse in July.
Good luck with VA dealers and their dealer fees.

Thanks bro, much appreciated

They are hand made.

The lease is based on what the value of the car is after the lease is over unfortunately Audis do not hold their value as well as a BMW which I have got 4 leases from BMW and nothing in the $1300 range for a similar priced vehicles I pay 899 for mine but I put down 8000

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