2019 Audi Q7: Made in Mexico?

Is it true that the Audis are made in Mexico? And they charge more than Japan made Lexuses?

Volvos are made in China, what’s your point?

So are our smartphones.

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Just look at the vin, no need to ask if it’s true. Google is your friend


You didn’t answer my question.

Companies decide what parts and where. Consumers decide what they want to pay. I don’t see how your question makes sense other than “sure, maybe, some models?”

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Why are you deflecting the question?

Mercedes made in Germany have a higher resale value than the ones made in Mexico.

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I didn’t ask about Volvo.

Which ones have lower MF’s? And higher or lower incentives? And does any of this matter

you make my brain hurt

I was made in Wales, but now I live in Los Angeles. Does that mean I have a lower value?



you just brexited early :rofl:


I sense a long thread coming up :slight_smile:

I’m more concerned about how many farts a car has, more farts higher discounts but lower residuals, :face_vomiting:

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Wait, is this like one of those school math questions?

If a Q7 is made in Mexico but an XC60 is made in China, what color is the BMW X3 if you buy the driver assistance package?


that’s called Common Core

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Speaking of farts…https://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/06/28/farting-unicorn-legal-battle-elon-musk/

That Mug would be great in your Unicorn “Fart” BMW :slight_smile:

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Now I see why you’re all so defensive about Mexican made Audis:

“I would like to hear your impressions of the overall quality of your Q5 built in Mexico, versus those built in Germany. We have owned both, and the initial quality of the Mexico built Q5 is somewhat below the previous generation, built in Germany. Specifically, the front license plate “chrome” strips have fallen off, the rear wiper was installed 180 degrees off (so the upper window did not get wiped), and the driver’s side sun visor has fallen out repeatedly.
I know these are all minor, but all this happened in the first 5 months, so am a bit worried what else may go wrong in the long run.”