2019 Audi Q7 Lease. Good Deal?


60k MSRP. 42 months. 7,500 miles per year. $725 per month payments for 42 months includes tax in GA. Good deal?

Just based on infor provided no. But audis do not lease well.

Thanks. What other information can I provide?

Selling Price, Money Factor, Money Down, admin fees, etc.

Read any other post and most break it down. If you don’t have that information, ask for the deal sheet.

Audi don’t lease well compared to other brands, but if you are set on getting an Q7 you want to ensure you getting the best price and base money factor.

Zero down. I calculated MF by doing the below to get to 0.00264.

Rent Charge 9637.85
Term 42
Adj Cap Cost 54089.6
Residual 32832.25
MF 0.002639988
Interest Rate 6.335

I think it’s time to put the notion of Audi not leasing well to bed.

Historically, it’s true. I remember 5 years ago E classes were going for $500/month with minimal negotiating, which was less than audi wanted for an A4. However, in the last few years, bmw and Benz deals have gotten worse while Audi deals have gotten better. I’d say as a whole, Audi leases just as well as their German counterparts right now. S4 and sq5 at 1% is insane value. Q7 3.0 is right there now as well, and leases better than an aging GLE and an already replaced ‘18 x5.

Yes, Audi’s most popular vehicle, the q5, doesnt lease well, but neither does a glc. BMW getting rid of MSD hurts their hackability as well.

The one thing Audi doesn’t have is an entire fleet of retired loaners that they blow out like benz, Bmw and Volvo.

This is not true. A Q7 does NOT Lease as well as the GLE, GLE has massive discounts.

3.0 Q7 is @ 1% in Los Angeles area with msd

Where are you seeing massive discounts on a gle? Edmunds just shows a $1k factory incentive and a low 50s residual. My friend just spent 2 months scouring Southern California for deals on a gle and they just weren’t that great.

3.0 Q7 has $3k incentives from Audi (or 4K with loyalty) and a mid 50s residual.

Maybe it’s a regional thing, but we are not seeing deals on Q7s in the northeast. I’ve been looking but still in the $700s for a base model while I’m under $600/month for a GLE or X5 with some options.

Are you looking at a 2.0 or 3.0?

3.0 has an extra $2k incentive not offered on a 2.0.

SoCal Audi dealers are typically selling cars for 9-11% before applying rebates and incentives. Are you seeing differently in other regions?

2.0 Premium Plus with 20 inch wheels ($1,800).

Look at 3.0 instead, the $2k incentive is huge and will offset the higher msrp. You’ll get way more car for the same payment.

Also, 39 month lease is the sweet spot right now. Not sure why they have you at 42 (are they trying to hide negative equity?).

Hello, Please let me know what you think of this deal: in SoCal:

2019 Q7 3.0 Grey/Grey MSRP 68440.00

39 months lease term
$2,000 out of pocket
15 K miles per year

Total per month $895.

You will need to put up a lot more info for anyone to be able to give you feedback. Make sure have you have checked your MF and residual on Edmunds so you know what they should be; dealers mark up MF. So having that information is a good start. You have MSRP, but what is selling price, ect.? :slight_smile: