2019 Audi Q5 Quote Review

Hi all,

Can anyone take a look at this quote and tell me if I’m crazy in not being able to replicate the numbers w/ the calculator here? Unless i change the MF to .002 - then they work out. But the calculator starts it at .001 as a default… that makes me think I’m getting gouged here; 2x the default MF??
I’m in Socal so I also don’t see why the total sales tax is mentioned anywhere in the numbers since it’s charged in the end on the monthly payment.

Any tips on where to go from here with the negotiation?

The calculator default is exactly that - a default. You need to go to the specific Edmunds forum to find out buy rate MF and residual. Ask the dealer what MF they used to get this monthly payment to see if they are marking it up for profit.

What did you use for the residual value in your calculations? Post a link so folks can troubleshoot.

I believe the MF is .00204 so it makes sense that .002 would make the numbers work.

Verify with Edmunds forums though, don’t just take my word for it.

Read this - How To Calculate Lease Payments By Hand — LEASEHACKR

Also, get quotes from SoCal forum members @IvanAudi and @AudiGuan

Discount could be better. See same MSRP on cargurus.com below. The “Great Price” appears to be 11.9% off MSRP while yours is 9.9% off MSRP. There’s still money on the table.


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So, just because one dealer out there did 11.9% doesn’t mean ALL can do 11.9%.

Some dealers who do higher volume can support a larger discount on individual deals while others cannot.

All this means is that OP needs to shop around to different dealers in varying markets to find the biggest discount.


Thank you everyone for the resources and information!
Quick question… in looking for a discount, whether it’s 11.9% or 9.9% or whatever… is it expected that that includes the rebates? Or rebates are applied /on top of/ the MSRP discount?

I didn’t say that all dealers can do 11.9% off MSRP - I gave him an example of one that IS offering that on a Q5 with the same MSRP. My sister-in-law did 2.3% better than the “Great Price” on a cargurus.

My general assumption is that if someone is on this forum doing their due diligence, they are not married to a specific dealer, and even if they are, they would be willing to get quotes from another dealer to have their preferred dealer match. Bottom line…everyone should shop around…it doesn’t cost us anything.

My experience with most users that have come here is they are trying to negotiate with a single dealer and are unwilling to travel or ship a car.

Very few of us are actually willing to go that extra mile. That’s why I try to specify shopping around so it’s clear.

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You want as much detail as possible. Most rebates/incentives are supported by the manufacturer, so the dealer doesn’t give anything up by applying it. Many dealers will not disclose initially how much of a discount is manufacturer supported and how much is dealer discount. Ask the dealer if the $5,341 has any rebates/incentives applied. You want to make apples to apples comparisons with multiple quotes.

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You should be negotiating the dealer discount BEFORE incentives. Cargurus doesn’t really specify either way and can be misleading.

I always recommend to negotiate 10% dealer discount before incentives and rebates. It may not always be possible, however.

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Ok - thanks again guys!