2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus Lease in Illinois


Hello! I posted back in December when I still had lease payments remaining. My current A3 lease ends next month so I’m shopping around. However, I have ZERO clue what’s “reasonable” when it comes to leasing a Q5.

I just left a dealership and was trying to get into a 2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus with 15,000 miles per year / 39 months / $0 down at signing and $625 per month on payments. The sales manager “tried” but they didn’t budge. They did offer me the following as far as terms, but zero clue what I should be expecting as far as a payment…?

They offered this at $754 a month (which is WAY more than I would ever spend FYI…but no clue how they determined it). They also offered me $694 per month with $5394 down (again - NO WAY…) but I feel like I’m being raked over coals and just want to negotiate a fair deal.

$54,125 MSRP

  • $1500 loyalty incentive
  • $500 “Memorial Day” incentive
  • %6 off MSRP ($3,247.50)
    = $48,628 sell price

The Residual value is 48% and he told me because it’s a balloon lease, there isn’t a MF…but he wrote down 2.51%?

Lastly, they are willing to cover the 4,000 miles I’m over on my current lease (about $800), my last month’s payment ($525.92), the ding I have in my windshield and include Audi Care.

So all of this considered, am I off my rocker for wanting $625 per month? If I try and go in at $650 with $1,000 down, think that’s too high? I’m in Chicago - 60613.

Follow the advice mentioned on here many times, DON’T GO INTO THE STEALERSHIP! Get quotes and negotiate online/phone only. Contact every dealer in your area.

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Per other posts, the Q7 2.0 is leasing better than the Q5

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I would try and push for a 10% discount, try emailing other dealers in your area instead of going into the dealership as others have said. Also, with the over miles on your lease, dings, Audi Care, it’s getting a bit confusing as they all get scrambled together, try and work out the lease on the new Q5 first and then deal with the other stuff second. But as many have indicated on here, Q5’s or Audi’s in general don’t lease well.

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Thank you so much! Do you have any idea of what luxury small to mid size SUVs DO lease well? I have searched here but haven’t had much luck finding out!! My friend was saying to look at the BMW X3 and Alfa Romero, but not familiar with either of them.

I know there have been a lot of BMW X3 Loaners that have had some really great deals. These are vehicles the dealers loan out in the service center but can still lease them as new and you can get a good discount, usually 15-22% off original MSRP so that creates a pretty nice lease payment in the end. Search the forums and you can read about the deals other posters have received. Also, have you looked at slightly used Q5’s? A Q5 P+ with only a few thousand miles depreciates quite a bit in the first 6 months or so, might be able to find one in the high $30’s or low $40’s and just take out a loan and purchase it.

Your best bet will be to hold off until June. The Summer of Audi incentives usually hit around then and run through the summer. Usually that means more cash available on the car. As a rule of thumb with the Q5 you will want to shoot for 10%-15% off pre incentives. Being in an Audi currently will help in terms of loyalty incentives that can usually be stacked.

For reference, I’m in PA and just signed a Q5 Prem plus lease for $0 down and $575 a month. Granted this was a 10k a year lease but I was also finishing up an A3 lease as well. Did all my negotiating via text message with my salesman.

I am not involved with FJ anymore but I still have some friends over there I would recommend you to. But rereading your post, it looks like with all the extra stuff they are including, you are over 10% off MSRP. $1000 for miles, $999 Audi Care, $525 last payment, $500-$1000 for a windshield.

If you’re promoting sales please register as a dealer.

I’m from the suburbs. I got a deal on the SQ5 from the east coast and shipped for $450. Way cheaper than anything i could get around here. For reference - dealerships here were asking for 800-1100 per month for the SQ5 (Westmont was the one that spit out the $1100 number). I ended up pulling the trigger on one from Philly and my payments were MSD ($5,500) + 4902 down and 550 per month (39/12). If i rolled the 4902 into the lease I’d be at $660 per month and that includes audicare. I’d suggest looking outside the state and getting it shipped. The NY/PA deals are way better.

Does the $550 payment include tax? What was the MSRP and how much of a discount did you get?

Also, i got my cash down wrong. It was 4,902, fixing the previous message now. The downpayment included all the fees, tax, audicare, first month.

Do you mind sharing the dealer info and lease sheet? I’m at 560 with max MSD and $1500 DAS