2019 Audi A6 Lease Review


Hello. Not the first time I have leased a vehicle but wanted to get the community thoughts. Based on my research of current discounts and rebates as well as other deals I have seen, this doesn’t look too good to me but wanted to run it by you folks to check. Thank you for your time.

BTW, I am currently in an Audi lease.

2019 Audi A6 P+ 36/15K.
NY State 8.125% tax.
Residual 44% and MF .00005 (Confirmed on Edmunds)
MSRP $64,300
Discount $5,850 (Seems low)
Rebate $4,750 (Research shows this should be higher)
Total Purchase $53,895
Taxable Fees $895
Doc Fee $493
Sales Tax $2,590
Non tax fees $616
Due at signing $5,311 (First month, taxes and fees)
Monthly payment $716

I’m assuming your shopping this with a Jersey store being that the Doc fee is $493.

Definitely a little more room in the deal. Your getting under invoice as it is but I believe A6 has $2,000 in marketing allowance this month which comes off the cost of the car (Non-Taxable rebate).

The taxable rebates are correct however.

Thank you for the response. Yes this is a NJ dealer.

Just so I understand, the $4750 is correct but there is room for another $2k of non taxable?

Thank you again.

Yes that is correct.

Thank you.

Pushing ~$900 a month on a $64k MSRP A6 P+…

With the horrendous Audi sedan residuals ($28,292 on this $64,300 MSRP car), you’ll need to get the total discount many thousands lower to make this competitive

Agreed. You are getting clobbered on the residual. You are stuck with that if you want the A6 instead of a competitor. So if switching isn’t an option for you, working the discount and rebate will help.

Yeah the residual is a killer but pricing the competitors are not much better with similar MSRP vehicles after I went to another dealer and got the pricing down. Now I am sitting at this offer:

2019 Audi A6 P+ 3.0 36/15K.
NY State 8.125% tax.
Residual 44% and MF .00005
MSRP $64,300
Discounts and rebates - 12,800
Total Purchase $51,500
Taxes, fees and 1st month up front - $4,400
Monthly payment $648

44% RV!!! Wow just wow! We are talking Hyundai Ioniq kind of residuals here. The play here is to buy a gently leased CPO A6, right?

Your total payments are almost 28k, which is what the residual of this thing will be…
Why not just buy a used/demo one?
Assuming you find a used 2018 A6 for 30k and drive it for 3 years, you should be able to recoup 10-15k of it …

I would definitely consider that, if there wasn’t such a drastic change between the 2019 and 2018 model years. Almost a completely different car, especially in the tech and interior department.

I’m about $1500-2000 less than where you are ending up

the 39 month looks a little better without affecting the residual

A 2019 BMW 540 will lease better. The A6 deal was soo much better over the summer for loyal customers.

Thank you for all the feedback.

I want the 2019 as I do want the new style. And frankly, I don’t want to deal with buying and selling cars. It is why I lease. I know it is not the best financial approach but it works for me.

The 39 month option is the same MF but the residual drops another 2% on an already crazy low residual. I have to be honest that I am starting to second guess this. I am having a hard time getting past the horrible residual. I don’t think I have ever leased a vehicle where I ended up paying for almost 46% of the total negotiated purchase price of the car through monthly payments.

I don’t know what the play is here (other than paying through the nose on an Audi lease) if you want an A6 since this is a new model year vehicle… Other than trying to chisel down the discount thousands lower. Or finding an alternative vehicle. There seem to be lots of 2019 CPO demos (SouthFlorida) so maybe that is a path and assume you could resale 2-4 years out at a better cash flow. That’s what I would do if set on a 2019 A6.

Audi recently cheapened the CPO to 5 yrs/unlimited from 6/100 so assume that would impact resale down the road.

I am nearing the end of my CPO period on my 2014 A6 but at this point will probably keep driving it given the terrible resale